Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Oh That God Would Grant Us the Grace to Stop Laboring!

“This mystery [Gospel sanctification] is so great, that, notwithstanding all the light of the Gospel, we commonly think that we must get a holy frame by producing it anew in ourselves, and by forming and working it out of our own hearts. Therefore many that are seriously devout, take a great deal of pains to mortify their corrupt nature, and beget a holy frame of heart in themselves,
by striving earnestly to master their sinful lusts, and by pressing vehemently upon their hearts many motives to godliness, labouring importunately to squeeze good qualifications out of them, as oil out of flint. They account, that though they be justified by a righteousness
wrought out by Christ, yet they must be sanctified by a holiness, wrought out by themselves.”  Walter Marshall, Gospel Mystery of Sanctification , ed. By Dr. Bruce McRae

Thursday, April 08, 2010

I love Hexagon Flowers!!

This is a bit of a miscellaneous post but I'm dying to share a few things!! Steven's surgery went really well. We continue to Praise the Lord for His provisions for all of our needs. The surgeon said he was in much danger from the hernia rupturing, more cause for praise! We went yesterday for the Doctor to look at it and all is well. We go on Monday to have the stitches taken out, thank you so much for praying for him!
While I have not had much time for quilting etc. since we arrived, sitting in the hospital gave me to some to work on these precious hexagons and also some crocheting. I just love the bring colors of this yarns. And I also really like the pink and orange hexagons together. What do you think, all pink or pink and orange?