Monday, October 09, 2006

The Scotts so far...

It has been an amazing year filled with so much excitement, fun, and God's grace at every turn. We have had many teams come and minister along side us and to us as well. They are always such a blessing to us for the work they do and the encouragement they give us. Our team continues to grow, labor, and serve for the Kingdom and the ministry here. We praise God for our team that extends across the globe, including YOU, making it possible for us to serve here.

The ministry continues to grow and show fruit of God's work. Our churches are thriving and growing daily. Recently 4 new Church planters were hired with MTW, and will soon begin to plant new Presbyterian Churches in the Philippines. Some are even venturing to the island of Palawan where soon 2 churches will be started. Praise God as He continues to draw people into His kingdom through outreaches which support and build up the Church body. Medical clinics, feeding programs, street outreaches, livelihood projects, day care, english classes, ABPs, and many more are all growing our churches by leaps and bounds.

The ABP ministry continues to flourish with the kids. It is constantly growing, maturing, and impacting children for the Lord. We will soon begin to build ABP4. The contract is out and the builders are waiting for the go ahead. God continues to bless this ministry and provide for its every need. Children are being cared for, taught, loved, discipled, reconciled back with their families if possible, and new ones are brought in all the time. We needed ABP4 yesterday because of the masses of children that need help. Yet we are resting in the Lord, his perfect timing, and plan for the ministry here. He is good and His plan is far better than we could ever conceive.

The Scott family is doing great. We are so thankful to have Steven back home. He recently went to the States for a LEADS conference in North Carolina. We praise God for bringing him back safely. He has hit the ground running since he has returned. This week we have our annual MTW missionary team conference. We will all be going to Angeles, Pampanga which is a little drive north of Manila. Pastor John Findlay will lead our retreat and whip us all back into shape! :o)

We are so thankful for the blessings God continues to pour out on our family. He continues to work in our hearts; humbling us with our many sins, and yet pouring out His amazing grace on us daily. Despite our sin and many failures God continues to work through us in the ministry here. He continues to refine us, showing us where and how He wants us to use the gifts He has given us. We praise Him for He continues to sustain us here away from family and friends. His grace is sufficient every day and continues to compel us to labor for Him! Praise the Lord with us for the wonderful work that He is doing in and through us here in the Philippines!

Marlon's Swimming Adventure

We were able to take 8 boys swimming one Saturday from ABP3.
Lil' Marlon had the time of his life. He did not know how to swim at first, so we had to keep a close eye on him.
As the day went on he watched the other boys closely, and later that day he could swim. The poor lil' thing was just not strong enough to hold himself up yet. After that he was jumping to us, going under water, and swimming like a little fish under water.
He also ate, ate, ate, ate, and ate some more! We had food that he had never tasted before. He tried Ritz crackers with cheese in the middle for the first time. He loved them! He must have eaten at least 8-10 in one minute. It was such a joy to spend the day with him and watch him open up so quickly to us. He is such a blessing to our lives, and continues to light up our days with that smile.
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Friday, September 22, 2006


Last weekend as we took a short vacation to the beach we were looking forward to relaxing and escaping from all of the challenges in the Philippines. We were enjoying the ocean, sun, and scenery, and slowly drifting away into relaxation. We decided to take a walk down the beach. As we walked we noticed a small rock island right off the beach with a few trees on it. It looked so beautiful standing alone out there. It almost had a majestic feel, since the beach was so long, white, and sandy. As we neared the island, closer and closer our hearts sank. It was an island just for a groto (as pictured to the right) which means the statue of Mary and the surrounding decorations in the Filipino language. We felt our hearts sink as we realized that the distorted Catholic influence and Mary statues of this culture had followed us to the beach! The idols are everywhere at our home and we have now become used to seeing them, yet they constantly remind us of the dominant Catholicism here. The house that we rented has a Jesus and Mary tile plate above the front door and most homes have a Jesus/ Mary emblem on their front gate or wall. Also, as we walk through the neighborhoods, we are constantly overwhelmed as we frequently see in a lot of neighbor's yards huge, sometimes enormous grotos. Some have elaborate decorations, gold designs, water falls even, but all center around the idol Mary. As we stop at red lights, only on occasion, we look in the taxi driver's or car windows next to us and on the dashboard we see little, small, intricate, sometimes Jade idols of Mary, Jesus, other prominant figures, or saints. I have noticed recently a necklace on a black string which a lot of youth wear. I wanted one for a while, until I saw one up close and realized that it was a small, engraved, or sometimes embossed, wooden carving of Mary. My volleyball teamates kiss their Mary necklaces before they serve, or before coming onto the court. Even in the malls there are idols. At the bottom of an escalator in Festival Mall there is a corner set aside for a saint, it is the saint of blessings. It is set up on a pedalstool, looking down at you ever so lovingly, with one hand extended. It has directions pinned on her dress to come, hold the hand, and make a wish or prayer for whatever you want. We often see a long line of people waiting to hold the hand of the idol and pray to it. Even in some department stores on the hour of every hour, there is a prayer to Mother Mary that is recited over the loud speaker. It is everywhere, and there is no escape from this useless, and blasphemous worship. Not only are we constantly confronted with the idol worship from the outside, but it oozes out from us as well; Daily, even we as believers struggle with idol worship. Tim Keller says 'Something will capture our hearts and imaginations and be the most important thing, the ultimate concern, value and allegiance.' If that thing is not God, then what or who is it? Although our worship may not focus on ceramic, stone, wooden, or a gold plated Mary, which we see daily, we are still contaminated with the sin of idolatry as we set up our time, ministry, achievements, material possessions, human approval, and ourselves as hidden idols in our hearts. As we were bombarded that day with the idol on the beach, we were convicted as well. 'Romans 1:25 says we will worship and serve either God or some created thing (an idol). It is not possible that we should worship nothing.' -Keller We were found even more guilty that day as we ridiculed the groto on the beach. We continue to ask for your prayers as we serve in this country. God continues to work through us to build His kingdom, but He also graciously works in us to convict of indwelling sin. Please pray that God would continue to convict, destroy, and tear away our idols, leaving only space for Him to rush in and claim the throne of our hearts. Please pray that He would be enough for us, and our one and only source of true delight, as we seek and serve Him.  Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Prayer & Praises

1. Please pray for our team retreat in October, that God will use this time to bind our hearts together.
2. Please pray for Pastor Marcelo and Aida Ramirez as they are coordinating a lot of ministry her in the Philippines.
3. Please pray for Aiza, Pastor Marcelo's daughter, who needs $1,100 dollars to complete her senior year of nursing school.
4. Please pray for God to send more funds for the ABP operation account. Also please pray that God would raise up Filipino donors. More funds are needed as the ministry is continuing to grow and expand.
5. Please pray for Steven as he attends a LEAD meeting at Ridgehaven, NC on Sept. 18-23
6. Please pray that God will give him much insight and wisdom as to how to better lead our team.
7. Please pray for God to grant us all His gift of humility and repentance
8. Please pray for God to continue to grant Lindsey and Deborah His grace as Steven is in the states, and we are here in the Philippines. Our hearts feel called here, but at the same time we want to love on our grandbaby Wyatt.
9. Please pray for our wonderful church planters who labor constantly for the Lord.
a. Alex and Linda Mendoza and family
b. Noli and Mayet Hugo and family
10. Please pray for Steven's safety as he travels in the states, and as he returns home to us on October 2 & 3
11. Please pray for us as we feel God strongly leading us to start a Bible study with some women that we have met and befriended. Please pray for His perfect timing, location, wisdom, guidance, and favor for us to love and disciple these women. Please pray that God would build His kingdom in and through us, as we seek to win souls for Him.

1. Praise the Lord for a good 2 day assessment seminar for church planters. There are 4 men which will be employed as church planters soon.
2. Praise the Lord for 7 New church plants, which we are beginning to plant.
3. Praise God that the contractor has been selected for the building of ABP4.
4. Praise God for the building that He has provided for free for Pastor Noli and Mayet to begin their sewing livelihood project, day care, and student center located right by a college
5. Praise God for the free place of worship He has provided for Pastor Nong
6. Praise God for Lindsey and Deborah's involvement in BSF. It has been such a joy to use the gifts God has given us for His glory, and the study of Philippians was so convicting.
7. Praise God for the grace He continually pours out on us as we seek His face in our ministry and lives.
8. Praise God for the sanctifying work that He continues to do in our hearts and lives here.
9. Praise God as He is beginning to provide open doors for Lindsey to witness to her volleyball team.
10. Praise God for the group of christian friends that He has raised up around Lindsey. They are a wonderful support for her, and they have a lot of fun.
11. Praise God that He continues to be enough for us as we work for Him here.

Monday, September 11, 2006


We were bringing Buknoy and Louie back to their ABP3 home in Molino, after a weekend at the Scott house. We arrived late to the home, and surprisingly the boys were all still awake. They were watching tv, playing outside, and just hanging out. We disrupted the whole bunch when we arrived. As we stepped out of the car, we instantly heard shouts and screams of 'Ate Deborah, Ate Lindsey, nasaan ang pasalubong namin?' Which means where is our gift? They were all so excited to see us. So we decided to go in for a little while and visit with them before we returned home. As we walked through the gate into the front courtyard my eyes met two of the most beautiful, big, dark, deep brown eyes staring back at me. It was my first time to see Marlon, and obviously his first time to see us! He was staring as if in amazement that there were other people in his little world with a different skin color. From the look on his face we must have appeared like aliens :o) He is the newest little boy in Ang Bahay Parola 3. He is 8 years old, with the stature of a little 5 or 6 yr old. After a few minutes of playing and talking with all the boys I began to fellowship with Elder Renee, the staff on duty that night. He was telling me stories of the boys and sharing his burdens with me. All of the sudden I looked down and lil' Marlon was tugging on the shirt of Elder Renee. He was asking to change his shorts...again. Supposedly he had done this repeatedly throughout the day. It was a new and amazingly wonderful thing to have spare shorts to change into, so he had gone through several pairs that day. And since there are about 25 boys at the home, there are plenty of shorts to go around! I bent down and asked him his name and how old he was... he would not look at me. I reached out to tickle him... he immediately backed away. I knew then it would take a while for him to warm up to me and be comfortable around me. He watched from a distance as I played with the other boys; almost like he was studying me to evaluate if I was a safe person or not. Elder Renee then proceeded to tell me he came from an abusive family; his father is in jail and his step mother was very abusive. Elder Renee brought him into the kitchen where the light was bright and showed me the bruises on him. My heart broke as I noticed big bruises on the temples of his head, his neck, arms, and I am sure many many more places. He quickly ran off, as I was getting a little too close for his comfort. Immediately this little boy stole my heart. It's so hard to see the struggles of kids here! We are bombarded with it daily, and it tears at our hearts to know of the oppression that they suffer. This precious little boy had stolen my heart in a matter of 15 minutes. After that I began trying to break through to him. I would come within 10 feet of him, trying not to get too close to him; I would then ask him for one kiss, just one kiss. Of course I knew he would not give me one, but I knew that would show him that I love and care for him. At first he ran off, and the pursuit was on! I chased after him, and would stop before I got too close, so as not to scare him. The next time he released a huge grin across his face that sent chills all over me! That smile had enough cute power punch to knock me off my feet. With that wide grin and those big eyes staring at me, I asked again... 'isang halik Marlon, paki, isa na lang! One kiss Marlon, please, just one!' This time he took off running and laughed a cute, raspy, jolly little laugh. As Elder Renee was watching us I heard him let out a gasp of shock. I stopped immediately and asked what was wrong. He told me that was the first time Marlon had laughed since being in the ABP home. Oh the joy that filled my heart!!! As our simple little game of chase continued... I could tell he was becoming more comfortable with me. A little bit later I chased him inside, and exhausted Marlon collapsed laying on the floor. I sat down beside him and asked him if he was ticklish. I told him I was going to tickle him and empty out his tickles, which is a common Filipino practice. So I tickled him a little, and then stopped. He was laughing and my heart was rejoicing, overflowing to a huge smile on my face. Some of the other boys then began to gather around. They started tickling him too, they thought it was a fun game. Although I could tell Marlon was not enjoying himself anymore. I noticed he was now laying on the floor and holding his head, right at his temples, like he was anticipating and trying to prevent a blow to the head. My heart sank, and ached as I watched him helplessly reliving a past experience. I intervened and told the other boys to stop however, he continued to lay there with his hands grasping and covering his ears and temples. We didn't want to leave him there for fear that the other boys would continue to tickle him, thinking it was still a fun game. So Mom picked him up and stood him on his feet. It was like his hands were superglued tight to his head. My heart sank as I thought of the trauma this precious little boy had been through in the past. He recovered quickly, realizing that no one was going to hit him, and he took off running. By this time I was worn out, and it was time for us to leave. So I went around saying goodbyes to all the boys. I asked where Marlon was. He was upstairs, so the youngest, Apol, went to tell him that we were leaving. I waited at the bottom of the stairs hoping to see him, and then to my surprise I saw those big brown eyes peep over the rail. I was shocked to hear a little 'goodbye' (in English) through a big bright smile. I said goodbye and told him I loved him. I sent him a flying kiss, and he threw one back to me! My heart lept in my chest, as I jumped up and down with excitement! We threw each other several more kisses, as he giggled while watching me rejoice over him. Mom and I walked outside to the courtyard, saying our goodbyes, and proceeding to the car. We got in the car, and they closed the gate to the home. As we were about to drive off, I see lil' Marlon climbing up the gate to look through the top railing. He was waving goodbye and throwing me kisses! Oh the joy that God gives us through the lives of these little children. What a privilege to have the opportunity to love them, and impact their lives for the Lord! Please continue to pray for little Marlon. Please pray that while in the ABP home, he will hear the gospel message, feel the love of our heavenly Father, and that God would change his heart of stone into a heart of flesh that seeks and desires the love of God! Please continue to plead with us for the salvation of these little souls; what a joy they are to me, and surely even more of a joy they are to their true Father in heaven!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Camp Rizal Re-Creation

ABP Summer Camp w/ Chestnut Mountain Pres. & Christ Community Pres.

Every year Chestnut Mtn. Presbyterian Church brings a team from Georgia to sponsor a week long camp for all the ABP kids at Rizal Re-Creation Center. This year Christ Community Pres. joined them in sponsoring the camp. The kids were sooo excited about the team returning. Since the Chestnut Mtn. team members come every year they have really formed deep relationships with the kids. About January the kids began asking about camp and when the team would arrive. So when it was finally time, the kids were ready to go! The team is always very organized, and ran the camp on their own so that the ABP staff could have a week long vacation. This year the two churches decided to team up and work together. We all watched with bated breath hoping the two teams could work well and effectively together. They worked together beautifully, it was a match made in heaven. They decided from now on they would both run the camp every summer. It was a blessing to see strangers, yet believers come together and work together for one purpose, the furthering of the Kingdom.
Every day began with exercise very very early in the morning!

After exercise the days were off and going. They were packed full with morning devotion, 2 Bible story times, followed by arts & crafts, sports, relays, swim time, and then preaching at night. The kids started out strong each morning and then were exhausted by the end of the day. They gave everything 110% percent, and played as hard and as fast as they could. Mom and I were able to teach Bible lessons, play, assist the team, and lived in the cabins with the girls. There were many opportunities to love the girls, and shine the light of God's grace on them.
The week was so much fun! The kids' favorite time was swimming, of course! They rarely have time to swim through out the year, so they love to take advantage of the freezing, natural spring fed pool. There is a slide that they waited in line 10 minutes for, and after waiting they slid down over and over and over again! The little ones slid down with a team member, and the older ones went down with their best friends. They loved the slide... before the words swim time could get out of our mouths; the kids had already changed into their bathing suits and were running across camp to be the first one in the pool! Every night Pastor Christopher Sablay preached a wonderful sermon for the kids, in Tagalog.
The ABP staff was given a week vacation, therefore church members assisted with the kids the whole week. This was a great venture to allow the supporting churches to be more involved with the kids, camp fun, and their lives. The church members were a great help, teaching lessons, translating, caring for, encouraging, and loving the kids and the team.
As the week went on the Chestnut Mtn. team picked right up where their relationships left off. Although they were sad and disappointed that some of the same kids were not still in the homes, and able to join. Some had been reconciled back to their families, and others had to be let go. Christ Community Pres. quickly fell in love with the kids, and the kids with them. Relationships were formed, hearts were bound together, love was shared, and memories were made.

As the last day came to a close hearts were heavy. The kids and teams were preparing to go their separate ways. As I scanned the pavilion I saw Robin, 13 yr. old boy from ABP2, and Megan, from Chestnut Mtn. They have been best friends for 3 years. They were hugging and weeping together, because after camp Robin was going to be reconciled back to his family. So Megan did not know if and when she would ever see him again. They both cried, and told each other how much they loved and meant to one other. It was a beautiful picture of what the camp and this ministry is all about. These teams come not only to provide fun for the kids; They invest their time, money, energy, love, and lives into these kids. They share with them the best and most wonderful gift they have, the Love of God. It's a bond that will last forever, and will never be broken. Through these churches, their willingness to serve, and their gift of this camp there were many kids who were impacted for life. Although they will be separated by distance for now, they will be reunited in heaven one day. Teams may come and go, kids may leave our homes and go back to their families, but God and His love will remain. The work that He does through teams, camps, and His ministry here will last forever. Relationships were bound, seeds were planted, hearts were won, and the Kingdom goes on.... Posted by Picasa

Camp Rizal Re-Creation Pics

Volleyball & Fun in the Sun
Arts & Crafts
Daily Bible Stories & Lessons
Skits & Bible Story Truths
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More Camp Rizal Pics

Cultural Dances
Talent Night
Native Dresses
Swimming every day!!!
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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Camp Rock, Mindoro Island

The Kirk of the Hills team trip here had been bathed in prayer. They come every other year and sponsor a 3 day camp on the beach for all of the ABP kids. The 2 previous years they have had to run, or should I say try and outrun a typhoon on their way back home from the beach. The day after they arrived a typhoon was beginning to make its path across the Philippine Islands. Their hearts were broken, although we continued to pray that it would pass before the Thursday that we were supposed to leave. As Wednesday night approached directors, leaders, and house parents discussed, and the desicion was made to wait one more day. The wind was howling inland, and the rain was pouring in sheets non-stop. With the lives of 75 kids, 20+ staff, and missionaries at stake, we all decided to be patient and continue in prayer.

As we awoke on Thursday it proved to be a great desicion, the rain was still pouring, wind still howling, and the seas must have been rough. So we continued praying.... We awoke on Friday morning one day late and raring to go. The rain had subsided, the wind was calm, and the port authorities gave an all clear. The kids were ecstatic, the staff was relieved, and the missionaries were praising God! We took off early on Friday morning headed toward the port of Batangas. We were trusting the Lord for the waters to be calm for a safe crossing over to Mindoro Island. God was good! The waters were as smooth as they could be after a typhoon had just come ripping through. The boat ride over was enjoyable, all 100+ campers were excited! We arrived in Puerto Galera and squished, crammed, and loaded onto 3 jeepneys.

A quick 20 minute ride and we were finally at Camp Rock! The kids flooded out to make their way down to the ocean shore. As the adults slowly followed down the hill, we saw them all standing in awe at the 6 foot high waves that were crashing on the shore. The seas might have been calm on the way over, but the aftermath of the typhoon was seen in the enormous waves that boomed on the shore! The kids with mouths gaped open watched in amazement, but not for too long. They quickly were changed into swim suits & trunks, and were easing their way close to the water. After all they did not just go to the beach to 'watch' the waves dance on the shore. They eased their way out into the foam, and then inched closer and closer to the huge breakers. Their faces showed intimidation, and ours showed absolute fear! We knew if the waves were that strong on top; the under current must be unreal! We all switched to life guard mode, and watched with careful eyes. As the waves broke I would count the farthest heads that went under. If the same number popped back up we were good, if not, we were going swimming! A few had to be rescued, most too tired to make it back to shore, but Praise the Lord we came away from camp with all kids, none lost to the sea! One girl did sustain a nice size gash on her head from a wave that broke over her, sending her crashing to the bottom, which was full of rocks washed up from the typhoon. Praise the Lord Cheryl, our resident nurse, who was there to administer 4 staples, and tender love and care.
The camp was wonderful... Each day there were tons of fun in the sun, games, crafts, more fun in the sun, and always a Bible story at night. Those three days the kids studied the life of Joseph, and enjoyed the lessons, applications, and the last night created & directed their own skits of the story. The staff was even able to enjoy American day. The American team was in charge of all the kids, while the Filipino staff went around the mountain to a local beach. They seemed to truly enjoy their day of fun, play, and relaxation for themselves.
Once again God provided, in His time, a wonderful trip to Camp Rock. Praise the Lord for the Kirk of the Hills team that continually finds the value of investing time and love into the lives of these kids! They are remembered by all, as each year has proved to be a memorable one! Praise God for His safe keeping, protection, love and care for us all! He is good ALL the time!
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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Wedding pics of US!!

All dressed up and somewhere to go...
Most beautiful Ninang (god mother)
Whitest bridesmaid :o)
Movie Stars!!!!
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Extra Wedding Pics

Josephine being escorted by her sponsor father
giving the beautiful bride away
The soon to be married couple
The two best looking Ninangs (god parents) in th wedding party
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Wedding Event of the Season!

Rev. and Mrs. Christopher SablayChristopher and Josephine Sablay
July 22 started out beautifully. It was warm, but without the usual scorching heat! We arrived in San Pedro around 2pm; The wedding was to begin at 4pm. Josephine and Chris'Topher' were in their separate rooms anxiously preparing for the biggest day they had long waited for. They wanted to marry in 2004, but Josephine's sponsor father, who lives in Canada, was not able to visit the Philippines until '06. The couple dated for 4 years and patiently waited for 2 of those to wed. Their day was finally here. The Villa Leonilla Resort was decorated, the cake wa set, the flowers were beautiful, and the chairs & tables were set perfectly; everything was ready for their perfect outdoor garden wedding...
The Villa
As the time drew closer and closer Josephine got more and more nervous. Her sponsor father would tease and pick on her in an effort to make her laugh & help lighten the mood. All of the bridesmaids were encouraging her and doting over her. She had her make up finished, her gown on, and her hair all fixed up. She had on her stunning diamond necklace and earrings, her white lacy gloves, and her beautiful veil. She looked gorgeous; a stunning bride! She was finally ready to go marry her prince!The wedding party
As we all waited for the hour of 4 to come, we wondered where the maid of honor was. I texted Leni to ask her where she was... 'she was on the way!' At 3:30 Josephine and the rest of us were getting a little nervous about her arrival. At 3:50 all of the bridesmaids were rushed down stairs to line up at the back of the Villa. The prinicipal sponsors were all announced as they slowly made their way down the aisle. About 2 minutes before we walked down the aisle Leni arrived. We were all very excited to see her, and Josephine breathed a huge sigh of relief. As I thought, "welcome to the Philippines; Only here would the maid of honor arrive 2 minutes before the wedding began!"
Topher singing to Josephine as she walked the aisle
Finally Josephine was brought out of her upstairs room and escorted down the aisle by her sponsor father. She cried the whole way there as Topher sang a love song to her in Tagalog. I was amazed, as Topher faught back the tears, his voice cracked only a couple of times. As we were sitting during the opening of the ceremony we noticed dark storm clouds approaching in the distance. We all continued to pray! After about 10 minutes into the service it started to rain. Praise the Lord backup provisions had been made in case it rained. It is the rainy season after all!
So we all moved inside under a pavillion and the ceremony went on. Vows were exchanged, charges were given, the sermon was preached, the veil & cord were placed, songs were sung, and the knot was tied!!! The newly married couple turned to face the crowd with gleaming smiles that reached from ear to ear! The proceeded to the front of the reception area to take their seats of honor. From there they gave touching remarks, thanks, and toasts to all their sponsors and friends. After all of the stresses of the service were over, we all sat down to a nice meal. After the meal the couple mixed, mingled, hugged, took pictures, and had enough fun to last them through the whole year! We are so thankful for Topher & Josephine and their new lives together. Praise God for the blessings He has poured out on their lives. Most importantly praise God for His love that is so evident in their hearts. Please continue with us to lift them up in prayer as they begin their lives together, loving and serving the Lord their God!

Pray 4 Healing

We covet your prayers for 2 of our ABP1 girls!

Jing Jing Macandog
The first week after we arrived in the Philippines, Lindsey was asked to sit in the hospital with Jing2. She was at that time diagnosed with diabetes at 10 years old. For the last year the staff of ABP1 has worked with her, and tried their best to keep her blood sugar at a normal level. She has had to change her diet and she regularly has to give herself insulin shots. It is extremely hard for her; The girls eat rice at every meal, sweets, and are treated by visiting missionaries. Jing2 struggles being a young girl, now 11, and not being able to live normally like the other 24 girls in the home.

Recently Jing Jing became sick and her blood sugar sky rocketed to over 400. She passed out one morning, and was immediately taken to the nearest hospital. There she was found to have a bacterial infection, which threw her body out of sorts and made her sugar shoot up. With her diabetes, any other illness affects her differently then it would a normal person. Therefore she was on an antibiotic and insulin for several days in the hospital. Her blood sugar was brought back down to a reasonable number, and she was observed for several days. After this scare we learned from several girls that Jing Jing was sneaking snacks out of the kitchen at night while everyone else was sleeping. The refridgerator has now been moved into the office, where it is not easily accessible. :o) It must be extremely hard for her being a child with diabetes. We covet your prayers for complete recovery, stabalized blood sugar, discipline for her, and education for the staff about the disease. They are now cooking her meals separate, and caring for her the best they can. They are actually praying for a family to adopt her that will be able to adequately care for her needs.

Girlie Brown
Girlie was recently extremely sick with high fever, cough, conjestion, vommiting, and loss of weight. She was examined by doctors, and found to have TB or Tburculosis. She has had her cough ever since she was found on the streets. Therefore she has probably had the TB for a while now. She is now on medicine to cure her of it, but is still a sick little girl. Last week they had a birthday party for several of the girls in the home. After Girlie had been sick for a couple weeks she wanted to EAT!!! Well eat she did; she ate so much that it all came right back up. Please pray for Girlie that God will completely heal her of the TB, and that she will be back to her sweet little self. Thank your for lifting these two up with us, to our Heavenly Father who loves them so much more then we ever could!

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Thursday, August 03, 2006

10 Person Wedding!

5 marriage couples with sponsors
MTW church plants growing in numbers! This summer Holiness in Jesus Chritian Church in San Pedro, Laguna held a mass wedding. The church has held an ongoing outreach and feeding program that reaches a nearby squatter village. Every saturday afternoon Asst. Pastor Christopher Sablay and members hold a feeding program for the children of the Camichile village. Over 100 chilren regularly attend, while their mothers are taught through a Bible study. The children gather, listen, sing, hear God's word, and then are fed. The families of this squatter village are extrememly poor.
special musical number by CMPC girls
One day 10 couples from this village approached the pastor with a desire to be married legally, the way God desires. The couples were so poor that they could not even afford the fee to be wed at the Judicial Courthouse. In an effort to show the love of God and encourage families to live by God's law the church began to make preparations for a mass wedding.

yoking together w/ veil & cord tradition
Veils, cords, a few small roses, and tiny decorations were bought. Food was prepared and members, missionaries, and the community was invited. The couples arrived in their best wedding attire: some with beautful gowns, some with borrowed dresses that were too small, and some with nothing but a nice white shirt and skirt. Church memebers, missionaries, and even short term teams were involved in the ceremony. The couples proceeded down the aisle; some with heads held high, some hung in shame. These couples came from differing backgrounds. Several had been living together for a long time and felt the conviction of the Lord to be married. Some have families, children, and lives already begun together. All were brought into the covenant of marriage under God that day.

in sickness & in health...
It was a day of celebration and answered prayers. God's church is truly growing by His grace. God is moving in the hearts of men, women, and families. These churches are reaching out in faith serving God. What a blessing to the host church; The fruits of their labor for the kingdom of God is becoming evident.
God is good!
He will draw people from every nation, tribe, and tongue unto Himself!
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