Sunday, February 28, 2010

Class Cultural Trip to Tequila, Mexico

Tequila is the main export of Mexico. They use a different kind of pineapple (pina) to make it. Raw it tastes like a potato and has the same consistency. They cook it and then it is sweet but not chewable, you just use your teeth to pull out the sweet juice. Or they grind the cooked pina to extract the sweet juice for tequila. It was very interesting to see how they make it.
A beautiful Catholic cathedral. I love church architecture! The inside was incredible as well.

Steven's Birthday Celebration

We stayed with Pedro and Carmina 4 days upon our arrival and made friends. They were exceptional hosts! They have one married daughter, (Priscilla in salmon colored sweater) and 2 Granddaughters and one Grandson who was watching television.
And they loved playing Mexican dominos! We Praise the Lord for bringing this family into our lives. They have been and incredible wealth of information as they have shown us "the ropes" all the way down to what kind of cheese to buy. And are available for questions any time! Carmina, Priscilla and the girls speak good English but Pedro and Geraldo speak very little. 

Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara

Enthusiastic student! Our classroom is in this building

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Strolling in Mexico

Just dropping by to recount our latest adventures.  Our hearts are Praising the Lord for the sunshine and also our gifts of adventure!  Most of this week has been somewhat rainy and cold.  Apparently both are very unusual especially since it's not rainy season.  It's gotten down to 31 degrees at night but we can control the temperature well with our sunny windows since we have no heater.
Yesterday and today we went for some walks around where we live to check things out. We quickly learned that sidewalks are the same as in the Philippines, very uneven.  You have to watch where your going!
And we saw another similarity, a Mexican street child.  However we don't see as many of these as we did in the Philippines.
And this is definitely something we didn't see in the Philippines!  Guadalajara is quite clean.

A beautiful stone building apparently used for wedding receptions, parties etc.
And I saved the best for last!  A waffle house, yes they were delicious!  We splurged and I enjoyed a delightful waffle with strawberries and whipped cream on top. (Yes, Lindsey I thought of you.) Steven had a regular waffle and ham and eggs. Most of the restaurants have menu's in English and this morning we spent a good bit of time studying both menus to learn some Spanish words. We met a nice man who was taking his 2 children for breakfast and he spoke English because he and his family had lived in Decatur, IL for two years. We were able to ask him some questions and he also wanted to know what we were doing here so Steven took the opportunity to tell him and to also tell him about the church that we attend. We really enjoyed talking to him but when we got ready to go (because we didn't understand Spanish) he paid for our breakfast! And then with much laughter confessed that he took advantage of our lack of Spanish!

We're excited about beginning language on Monday and some words are already sticking as in this area where we shop etc. most people do not speak English so our dictionary is well worn already!
Hope you are having a great Saturday as well.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Mexican Treasures

Thought I would share with you my treasures that I bought at Telaqepaque on Saturday.  I didn't bring many things for decorating with me so when I saw these I knew they would brighten up our home and I liked the Mexican feel.  Isn't the tortilla basket quite cute?  I haven't used it yet but supposedly you just warm up the tortillas and put them in the basket and they stay warm. The inside of it is styrofoam. I liked the painting on top of it and since I love bright colors the chilies quickly caught my attention. Both of these brighten up my kitchen quite well.  And yes I'm a sucker for Nativity Scenes.  Isn't this one darling?  Check out the halos on the angels heads on the left.  I know, I know, it's not Christmas but I can still enjoy it now.  Not only does it make me think of Christ and his birth but it also makes me think of our Grandson Wyatt.  This Christmas when my Nativity scene was out on the table he played and played with it acting out stories with the characters.  I can't wait for him to see this one.
It's raining in Quadalajara and a bit chilly.  God so knows what we need and when we need it.  This bit of quite, breather has been super great after the whirlwind and before the beginning of language on Monday.  It's been nice to get some things organized and to soak in our new home and God's blessings. Until next time....

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

2 in One Day!!

Finally today we had a down day where we didn't have to run all over the city tying to find measuring cups etc. (which by the way I still haven't found).  Steven got the cable hooked up by a guy in the church which was a blessing.  And they even helped to move some of the furniture around in the bedrooms.  The one without the bed will be our office and my quilting room.
I must confess that I still have a good bit of mush brain. My brain feels a bit disconnected from my body.  But I was able to cook a pork roast, some cabbage/broccoli and some zucchini for lunch.  Yes, I know they were all green veggies but some I knew how to cook. Oh by the way did I mention that right before we left Mississippi we found out that Steven is allergic to chicken, beef, egg whites, and soy?  No pressure on this end to find something he can eat!!
It's a bit cooler here today and it has rained some. We just got back from the Pharmacy where I was able to get my bone medicine and glaucoma drops.  It's amazing how you cam communicate without words but of course the boxes helped a good bit!
Yesterday God sent us more encouragement that He does indeed want us here.  The Pastor asked us to meet with a couple our age who are having marital problems.  It was quite sad but since they both spoke English (she is Canadian) we were able to listen and encourage them.  Yesterday may have added to the mush brain as it was a bit of a long day (we left at 9:00 and got home at 5:00) along with listening to such a heart breaking situation. Please pray that God would heal Tina and Mario's marriage.
Well, I'm off to disengage this brain of mine for a bit.  Hope you have a good sleep tonight!

Home in Guadalajara, Mexico

Guadalajara Mexico

Our hearts are praising the Lord that we have been able to feel His presence with us, to see His provisions for us and to see His answers to many prayers!
We left Jackson, MS early Friday morning, January 22nd with 10 pieces of luggage.  Even though we had weighed them to make sure they were within the weight limit, the check in person did not even pause to weigh our luggage.  When we arrived in Guadalajara, we were able to find 2 carts to load our luggage upon.  As you exit the terminal you have to push a button.  If you get a green light you can go through but if you get a red light you have to allow them to check your baggage.  We both received a green light as we exited the airport!
We were taken to the home of a couple our age until we could find our own place.  God had other plans though as Pedro and Carmina have become dear friends. They instantly made us feel welcome and Carmina has helped me to shop and to show me what to buy in the grocery store. Pedro works for Dodge and was able to help Steven find us a car on Thursday. We had hoped to do without one for a while but it quickly became apparent that we needed a car and God provided it for us quickly!
We went to look at one apartment Friday afternoon which was a possibility but Saturday morning we found our home!  It is a 3 bedroom apartment on the second floor so we don't have to be concerned about someone breaking into our windows.  It is beautiful, just perfect and has lots of windows and sunlight which is a must for us. The owner recently spent 5 months remodeling this apartment and hasn't been able to rent it.  She had even lowered the rental price recently.  We know that God had this place just for us.  The furniture in it looks like new.  We have 2 1/2 baths, it has ceiling fans, a new King size mattress in the master bedroom and even an air conditioner in the bedroom. King size beds and air conditioners are scarce in Mexico. It also has incredibly gorgeous crown molding along the ceiling 12 inches in height. We love our home and continue to Praise God for it!! We moved in Tuesday morning and began to set up house. We feel somewhat settled and I have even been able to cook today.
Friday night our Internet began working in our home!  And today, Monday they are here hooking up a television service for us.
Saturday afternoon we were able to visit a small town, Tlaquepaque with Carmina and Pedro.We are astonished at how God has provided us friends so quickly.
And of course we have been to church for 2 Sundays.  Yesterday the Pastor introduced us at 4 services.  Pastor Kenton preaches at 5 services on Sunday because the sanctuary will only hold a few people at one time.
And the most recent blessing is that a lady in the church wants to teach us Spanish.  What an incredible Praise to the Lord this is for us.  Not only will it be more cost efficient but we won't have to go to the University. Anna is from Argentina so she speaks English but living in Mexico she has learned fluent Spanish.  We are super excited that she will come to our home and we will begin next Monday studying Spanish.  For now our best friend is our Spanish/English dictionary!
Our hearts continue to be filled with Praise for God's quick provisions for us. And we continue to be amazed at His grace extended to sinners like us.
Thank you so much for praying for us and we would like to ask you to Praise the Lord with us as well.