Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Guadalajara Mexico

Our hearts are praising the Lord that we have been able to feel His presence with us, to see His provisions for us and to see His answers to many prayers!
We left Jackson, MS early Friday morning, January 22nd with 10 pieces of luggage.  Even though we had weighed them to make sure they were within the weight limit, the check in person did not even pause to weigh our luggage.  When we arrived in Guadalajara, we were able to find 2 carts to load our luggage upon.  As you exit the terminal you have to push a button.  If you get a green light you can go through but if you get a red light you have to allow them to check your baggage.  We both received a green light as we exited the airport!
We were taken to the home of a couple our age until we could find our own place.  God had other plans though as Pedro and Carmina have become dear friends. They instantly made us feel welcome and Carmina has helped me to shop and to show me what to buy in the grocery store. Pedro works for Dodge and was able to help Steven find us a car on Thursday. We had hoped to do without one for a while but it quickly became apparent that we needed a car and God provided it for us quickly!
We went to look at one apartment Friday afternoon which was a possibility but Saturday morning we found our home!  It is a 3 bedroom apartment on the second floor so we don't have to be concerned about someone breaking into our windows.  It is beautiful, just perfect and has lots of windows and sunlight which is a must for us. The owner recently spent 5 months remodeling this apartment and hasn't been able to rent it.  She had even lowered the rental price recently.  We know that God had this place just for us.  The furniture in it looks like new.  We have 2 1/2 baths, it has ceiling fans, a new King size mattress in the master bedroom and even an air conditioner in the bedroom. King size beds and air conditioners are scarce in Mexico. It also has incredibly gorgeous crown molding along the ceiling 12 inches in height. We love our home and continue to Praise God for it!! We moved in Tuesday morning and began to set up house. We feel somewhat settled and I have even been able to cook today.
Friday night our Internet began working in our home!  And today, Monday they are here hooking up a television service for us.
Saturday afternoon we were able to visit a small town, Tlaquepaque with Carmina and Pedro.We are astonished at how God has provided us friends so quickly.
And of course we have been to church for 2 Sundays.  Yesterday the Pastor introduced us at 4 services.  Pastor Kenton preaches at 5 services on Sunday because the sanctuary will only hold a few people at one time.
And the most recent blessing is that a lady in the church wants to teach us Spanish.  What an incredible Praise to the Lord this is for us.  Not only will it be more cost efficient but we won't have to go to the University. Anna is from Argentina so she speaks English but living in Mexico she has learned fluent Spanish.  We are super excited that she will come to our home and we will begin next Monday studying Spanish.  For now our best friend is our Spanish/English dictionary!
Our hearts continue to be filled with Praise for God's quick provisions for us. And we continue to be amazed at His grace extended to sinners like us.
Thank you so much for praying for us and we would like to ask you to Praise the Lord with us as well.

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Wakako 源 Eklund said...

Incredibly beautiful condo, such a perfect provision! Enjoyed the photos and your story. I always enjoy your updates.
Wakako from Calhoun Pres in Louisiana