Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Grandbaby

We are PRAISING the Lord for allowing us to be in country for the birth of Holden!  Granna and Papa were even able to hold him shortly after his birth!  He weighed 8 lbs and 9 ounces and was 21 1/2 inches long. Wyatt is showing him some of his toys.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Photographer in the Family

Our daughter is an amazing photographer!!  It has been so much fun to see God develop her gifts and talents and He has definitely blessed her in this area.  The result is that I don't take many pictures of our Grandchildren cause she does it all so beautifully!  Recently we took them to the park and had a blast.  It was their Mother (Kelly's) birthday and we were trying to give her a bit of a break since she is great with child.  She is due ANYDAY now and I am so excited to be here that I can hardly contain myself!!  Come on out baby Holden!! Well hop on over to her blog and check out the pictures http://www.linzphotography7.blogspot.com.  Her pictures of the Grandchildren are called I Heart My Babies.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


“Do we do nothing at all for obtaining this righteousness? I answer, Nothing at all. For this is perfect righteousness, to do nothing, to hear nothing, to know nothing of the law or of works, but to know and believe this only, that Christ is gone to the Father…not as judge, but made unto us…righteousness, holiness, redemption…that He is our high priest entreating for us, and reigning over us and in us by grace,…in his righteousness and life I have no sin…I am indeed a sinner as touching this present life…but I have another righteousness and another life…which is Christ.” Martin Luther, Commentary on Galatians

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Full and Overflowing

This afternoon my heart is full and overflowing with PRAISE to the Lord!! We just returned from a trip to Texas. We visited a new church (Christ Church) for the first time and we were blessed immensely. We met some neat new friends (Stella, Gerry, Lee, Pastor Carroll and renewed acquaintances with Pastor Fred and Deb and their family. We had a marvelous time meeting people and sharing God's vision for Mexico! For those of you on Mission Committees, they gave us a flip recorder so that we can send them videos of our ministry in Mexico which they in turn share with their congregation. What an amazing idea, why didn't I think of that when I was on the Mission Committee? Maybe some of our other supporting churches would like to receive these videos also???
Then we traveled to Bryan, TX where we visited with our dear friends Pastor Wade and his precious wife Marian and their children who each have a special place in our hearts. The Mission Committee gathered on Wednesday night so that we could give them an update and it was delightful to see them again. Many of the Committee helped with the food even though we were trying to say "thank you" to them, Brother Darrell was insistent but what fun to catch up again. Thank you for your help Sisters!! We were able to see newly adopted babies and parents that are shining for God's glory in their calls to adopt children from broken families. And even though our hearts were full, God dropped another unexpected sugar plum in my lap through our precious friends Mrs. Nancy and Mr. D. They gave me a delightful HUGE gift set of Evelyn and Crabtree Summer Hill. We stayed with them on our first visit and I gave her some lotion. She remembered and wanted to give me some and wow the gift is so special, not to mention that I love it!!
We had planned to leave on Thursday morning because we have a Grandbaby due but we wanted to have some time with Hannah and Kevin so we decided to stay another day. Wednesday's Doctor's appointment indicated only small progress with baby Holden so we felt fairy comfortable. And we had the best time with Hannah and Kevin. Our time of fellowship was sweet as it was during our entire time in Texas! As you can tell I was touched and thankful through this whole trip. What a blessing from the Lord to make new friends and have sweet times of fellowship with existing friends.
Right after our lunch with Hannah and Kevin we got a call from our son Chad and he mentioned that Kelly was having some contractions. My heart leaped from my chest cause just a minute, Texas is a long way from Mississippi. I calmed down a bit when I thought about how God knows my heart and my desire to be there when Holden is born. But to be safe we packed up our car and left Bryan Texas at 4:30 Thursday afternoon. We got home this morning at 12:15 and our hearts are still Praising the Lord. The pains stopped but come on Baby Holden we're home and ready! We are still PRAISING the Lord for the warmth in our hearts for friends and also for the safe travel which He continues to provide by His grace!!
I suppose that I haven't thought too much about this baby but I want you to know that I am dancing with excitement now that we're getting closer!! What a sugar plum from the Lord to be here when he's born something that we haven't been able to do with the other two Grandchildren. We're excited and ready!! Please do pray for safe delivery for baby and Mother!!
And one last sugar plum. While itinerating last year we met our dear friends Rich and Donna. Today I got this huge box of clothes from Donna!!! She sent me some clothes that she can't wear any longer. There were even some long pants in the box and since I am going to be in a climate where it's cool and hot, I have been in need of these. And when I called to thank her she indicated that there is a second box on the way. Well, I am simply out of words to express my thanks to so many and also the Lord! God has just dumped out His blessings this week by the dump truck loads and I'm so glad it's not bed time cause my heart is so full and over flowing with PRAISE and excitement that I don't think I could possibly go to sleep.