Tuesday, February 02, 2010

2 in One Day!!

Finally today we had a down day where we didn't have to run all over the city tying to find measuring cups etc. (which by the way I still haven't found).  Steven got the cable hooked up by a guy in the church which was a blessing.  And they even helped to move some of the furniture around in the bedrooms.  The one without the bed will be our office and my quilting room.
I must confess that I still have a good bit of mush brain. My brain feels a bit disconnected from my body.  But I was able to cook a pork roast, some cabbage/broccoli and some zucchini for lunch.  Yes, I know they were all green veggies but some I knew how to cook. Oh by the way did I mention that right before we left Mississippi we found out that Steven is allergic to chicken, beef, egg whites, and soy?  No pressure on this end to find something he can eat!!
It's a bit cooler here today and it has rained some. We just got back from the Pharmacy where I was able to get my bone medicine and glaucoma drops.  It's amazing how you cam communicate without words but of course the boxes helped a good bit!
Yesterday God sent us more encouragement that He does indeed want us here.  The Pastor asked us to meet with a couple our age who are having marital problems.  It was quite sad but since they both spoke English (she is Canadian) we were able to listen and encourage them.  Yesterday may have added to the mush brain as it was a bit of a long day (we left at 9:00 and got home at 5:00) along with listening to such a heart breaking situation. Please pray that God would heal Tina and Mario's marriage.
Well, I'm off to disengage this brain of mine for a bit.  Hope you have a good sleep tonight!


Jan T said...

Your brain is mush! Today is the 1st, not the 2nd!! Can hardly believe what all God is doing. Your heart must be overflowing. Your apt is beautiful. Friends, already, & a language teacher. Wow! I am blown away!! BTW, please add me to your update list. David got it, but I didn't. I'm glad you changed the title of your blog. I look forward to chatting with you. Let me know when might be good. I'll be in Atlanta next Tues-Thurs. Much, much love,

Bess Malin said...

YEA!!!! Praise the LORD!!! I can't wait to come see your apt! It is beautiful. Will Don and I have to sleep on that little bed? (haha)
Love reading all the details... thanks for posting. Love you!