Sunday, February 28, 2010

Steven's Birthday Celebration

We stayed with Pedro and Carmina 4 days upon our arrival and made friends. They were exceptional hosts! They have one married daughter, (Priscilla in salmon colored sweater) and 2 Granddaughters and one Grandson who was watching television.
And they loved playing Mexican dominos! We Praise the Lord for bringing this family into our lives. They have been and incredible wealth of information as they have shown us "the ropes" all the way down to what kind of cheese to buy. And are available for questions any time! Carmina, Priscilla and the girls speak good English but Pedro and Geraldo speak very little. 


Tonggu Grammy said...

Praise God for new friends in your life! Glad you were able to celebrate with them.

Been praying for your absorption of Spanish. Soak it all in. God will use you in new and exciting ways as you begin to communicate with the locals. You have my admiration. I'm not at all sure that I could do it at this stage in my life (if you know what I mean).

Love to my young at heart friends!


LiNz said...

Awwwww, it's soooo good to see the faces of Pedro and Carmena and their family! I love love love yalls pictures... it really does help to experience it all with you! Looks like you had a fun bday celebration dad. ;) Love yall

Kelly said...

Oh fun! Do they call it Mexican Dominoes too? Nice to put faces to names.