Sunday, February 07, 2010

Strolling in Mexico

Just dropping by to recount our latest adventures.  Our hearts are Praising the Lord for the sunshine and also our gifts of adventure!  Most of this week has been somewhat rainy and cold.  Apparently both are very unusual especially since it's not rainy season.  It's gotten down to 31 degrees at night but we can control the temperature well with our sunny windows since we have no heater.
Yesterday and today we went for some walks around where we live to check things out. We quickly learned that sidewalks are the same as in the Philippines, very uneven.  You have to watch where your going!
And we saw another similarity, a Mexican street child.  However we don't see as many of these as we did in the Philippines.
And this is definitely something we didn't see in the Philippines!  Guadalajara is quite clean.

A beautiful stone building apparently used for wedding receptions, parties etc.
And I saved the best for last!  A waffle house, yes they were delicious!  We splurged and I enjoyed a delightful waffle with strawberries and whipped cream on top. (Yes, Lindsey I thought of you.) Steven had a regular waffle and ham and eggs. Most of the restaurants have menu's in English and this morning we spent a good bit of time studying both menus to learn some Spanish words. We met a nice man who was taking his 2 children for breakfast and he spoke English because he and his family had lived in Decatur, IL for two years. We were able to ask him some questions and he also wanted to know what we were doing here so Steven took the opportunity to tell him and to also tell him about the church that we attend. We really enjoyed talking to him but when we got ready to go (because we didn't understand Spanish) he paid for our breakfast! And then with much laughter confessed that he took advantage of our lack of Spanish!

We're excited about beginning language on Monday and some words are already sticking as in this area where we shop etc. most people do not speak English so our dictionary is well worn already!
Hope you are having a great Saturday as well.


Laurie M. said...

Wow! That waffle sign made me laugh out loud! I'm glad you're already having such a wonderful time.

Tonggu Grammy said...

Ah, the adventures you will have in the coming months as you explore and begin to learn the language!

Loved the pics of your place! You will both be comfortable there.

Can't wait to see what God has in store for you.

Bess said...

NO HEAT?????? Loved the pictures but can't believe you don't have heat. How will you make it?? Love you!

Lynn Cross said...

I want to stroll too! Love, Lynn

LiNz said...

hahahahaha! WAffle House!!! That is frickin hilarious! :) Awww, yey! I love being able to see all of Mexico! And that's funny that the guy took advantage of your spanishlessness and paid for you meal! :P Thanks for taking the time to post these and share your adventures... mMMMMMMMMM Waffles with strawberries and whip cream sound sooooooo good!