Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Prayer & Praises

1. Please pray for our team retreat in October, that God will use this time to bind our hearts together.
2. Please pray for Pastor Marcelo and Aida Ramirez as they are coordinating a lot of ministry her in the Philippines.
3. Please pray for Aiza, Pastor Marcelo's daughter, who needs $1,100 dollars to complete her senior year of nursing school.
4. Please pray for God to send more funds for the ABP operation account. Also please pray that God would raise up Filipino donors. More funds are needed as the ministry is continuing to grow and expand.
5. Please pray for Steven as he attends a LEAD meeting at Ridgehaven, NC on Sept. 18-23
6. Please pray that God will give him much insight and wisdom as to how to better lead our team.
7. Please pray for God to grant us all His gift of humility and repentance
8. Please pray for God to continue to grant Lindsey and Deborah His grace as Steven is in the states, and we are here in the Philippines. Our hearts feel called here, but at the same time we want to love on our grandbaby Wyatt.
9. Please pray for our wonderful church planters who labor constantly for the Lord.
a. Alex and Linda Mendoza and family
b. Noli and Mayet Hugo and family
10. Please pray for Steven's safety as he travels in the states, and as he returns home to us on October 2 & 3
11. Please pray for us as we feel God strongly leading us to start a Bible study with some women that we have met and befriended. Please pray for His perfect timing, location, wisdom, guidance, and favor for us to love and disciple these women. Please pray that God would build His kingdom in and through us, as we seek to win souls for Him.

1. Praise the Lord for a good 2 day assessment seminar for church planters. There are 4 men which will be employed as church planters soon.
2. Praise the Lord for 7 New church plants, which we are beginning to plant.
3. Praise God that the contractor has been selected for the building of ABP4.
4. Praise God for the building that He has provided for free for Pastor Noli and Mayet to begin their sewing livelihood project, day care, and student center located right by a college
5. Praise God for the free place of worship He has provided for Pastor Nong
6. Praise God for Lindsey and Deborah's involvement in BSF. It has been such a joy to use the gifts God has given us for His glory, and the study of Philippians was so convicting.
7. Praise God for the grace He continually pours out on us as we seek His face in our ministry and lives.
8. Praise God for the sanctifying work that He continues to do in our hearts and lives here.
9. Praise God as He is beginning to provide open doors for Lindsey to witness to her volleyball team.
10. Praise God for the group of christian friends that He has raised up around Lindsey. They are a wonderful support for her, and they have a lot of fun.
11. Praise God that He continues to be enough for us as we work for Him here.

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