Saturday, August 05, 2006

Wedding Event of the Season!

Rev. and Mrs. Christopher SablayChristopher and Josephine Sablay
July 22 started out beautifully. It was warm, but without the usual scorching heat! We arrived in San Pedro around 2pm; The wedding was to begin at 4pm. Josephine and Chris'Topher' were in their separate rooms anxiously preparing for the biggest day they had long waited for. They wanted to marry in 2004, but Josephine's sponsor father, who lives in Canada, was not able to visit the Philippines until '06. The couple dated for 4 years and patiently waited for 2 of those to wed. Their day was finally here. The Villa Leonilla Resort was decorated, the cake wa set, the flowers were beautiful, and the chairs & tables were set perfectly; everything was ready for their perfect outdoor garden wedding...
The Villa
As the time drew closer and closer Josephine got more and more nervous. Her sponsor father would tease and pick on her in an effort to make her laugh & help lighten the mood. All of the bridesmaids were encouraging her and doting over her. She had her make up finished, her gown on, and her hair all fixed up. She had on her stunning diamond necklace and earrings, her white lacy gloves, and her beautiful veil. She looked gorgeous; a stunning bride! She was finally ready to go marry her prince!The wedding party
As we all waited for the hour of 4 to come, we wondered where the maid of honor was. I texted Leni to ask her where she was... 'she was on the way!' At 3:30 Josephine and the rest of us were getting a little nervous about her arrival. At 3:50 all of the bridesmaids were rushed down stairs to line up at the back of the Villa. The prinicipal sponsors were all announced as they slowly made their way down the aisle. About 2 minutes before we walked down the aisle Leni arrived. We were all very excited to see her, and Josephine breathed a huge sigh of relief. As I thought, "welcome to the Philippines; Only here would the maid of honor arrive 2 minutes before the wedding began!"
Topher singing to Josephine as she walked the aisle
Finally Josephine was brought out of her upstairs room and escorted down the aisle by her sponsor father. She cried the whole way there as Topher sang a love song to her in Tagalog. I was amazed, as Topher faught back the tears, his voice cracked only a couple of times. As we were sitting during the opening of the ceremony we noticed dark storm clouds approaching in the distance. We all continued to pray! After about 10 minutes into the service it started to rain. Praise the Lord backup provisions had been made in case it rained. It is the rainy season after all!
So we all moved inside under a pavillion and the ceremony went on. Vows were exchanged, charges were given, the sermon was preached, the veil & cord were placed, songs were sung, and the knot was tied!!! The newly married couple turned to face the crowd with gleaming smiles that reached from ear to ear! The proceeded to the front of the reception area to take their seats of honor. From there they gave touching remarks, thanks, and toasts to all their sponsors and friends. After all of the stresses of the service were over, we all sat down to a nice meal. After the meal the couple mixed, mingled, hugged, took pictures, and had enough fun to last them through the whole year! We are so thankful for Topher & Josephine and their new lives together. Praise God for the blessings He has poured out on their lives. Most importantly praise God for His love that is so evident in their hearts. Please continue with us to lift them up in prayer as they begin their lives together, loving and serving the Lord their God!

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