Thursday, August 03, 2006

Summer Fun

Interns, Interns, Interns... Jenni Johnson
This summer we had the priviledge of facilitating the work of interns in the Philippines. They come for a time period of 2 weeks to 11 months. Most of our interns come for the summer months, which are our busiest. We were able to put them right to work. Jenni worked mainly with the girls at ABP1. She is studying Psychology, and was able to come in coop form with her school. She was a great help to the Myrtle, the social worker at ABP1, as she taught her invaluable counseling material. She was able to offer wonderful wisdom about conseling young abused girls. She also taught the girls sewing, cooking, and art, along with loving and caring for them. She made a huge impact, as the girls frequently ask about Ate Jenni...

Noah Stephens
Noah came for 2 months and was an amazing help in our Church planting minstry. He lived with Pastor Christopher at Holiness in Jesus, in San Pedro. He was busy all summer, doing Bible studies, youth discipleship, member visitation, tutoring & devotions with ABP2 boys, and street outreaches. He had such a servant's heart, willing to work where ever he was needed. We are praying for him as he seeks God's will for his life involving long term missions...

Michele Yu
Michele was our latest intern. She is a 7th grade teacher in CA with a huge heart for missions. She came ready to work wherever we needed her. She worked in ABP1, as well as served in many different aspects of ministry here. She played a vital role at ABP1! While she was there the girls home ran into trial after trial. Hospital stays with Jing Jing who has diabetes, late nights with Girlie who has TB, and caring for the staff who are very exhausted. She was able to help with preparations for school, buying shoes, books, clothes, and supplies. She was able to go on home visits with the social worker to see more clearly the lives that the girls come from. She was a great encouragement to our family, as she loved & served us in ways we could not imagine!
One intern is not mentioned. Ronnie is here working with us still. He is a Filipino who lives in NJ but has extended family here. He was gracious to want to volunteer in our Tutorial Learning Center. He has used his wonderful knowledge of English & Tagalog to teach the boys english lessons while investing in their lives with devotions, tutoring, time and love.
They have all been a blessing to us, and and we are so thankful for God leading them here to work. It was amazing to see God draw specific people to give of their summer, talents, love for kids & church planting, and love for God as they served here to advance God's kingdom.
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