Saturday, August 05, 2006

Pray 4 Healing

We covet your prayers for 2 of our ABP1 girls!

Jing Jing Macandog
The first week after we arrived in the Philippines, Lindsey was asked to sit in the hospital with Jing2. She was at that time diagnosed with diabetes at 10 years old. For the last year the staff of ABP1 has worked with her, and tried their best to keep her blood sugar at a normal level. She has had to change her diet and she regularly has to give herself insulin shots. It is extremely hard for her; The girls eat rice at every meal, sweets, and are treated by visiting missionaries. Jing2 struggles being a young girl, now 11, and not being able to live normally like the other 24 girls in the home.

Recently Jing Jing became sick and her blood sugar sky rocketed to over 400. She passed out one morning, and was immediately taken to the nearest hospital. There she was found to have a bacterial infection, which threw her body out of sorts and made her sugar shoot up. With her diabetes, any other illness affects her differently then it would a normal person. Therefore she was on an antibiotic and insulin for several days in the hospital. Her blood sugar was brought back down to a reasonable number, and she was observed for several days. After this scare we learned from several girls that Jing Jing was sneaking snacks out of the kitchen at night while everyone else was sleeping. The refridgerator has now been moved into the office, where it is not easily accessible. :o) It must be extremely hard for her being a child with diabetes. We covet your prayers for complete recovery, stabalized blood sugar, discipline for her, and education for the staff about the disease. They are now cooking her meals separate, and caring for her the best they can. They are actually praying for a family to adopt her that will be able to adequately care for her needs.

Girlie Brown
Girlie was recently extremely sick with high fever, cough, conjestion, vommiting, and loss of weight. She was examined by doctors, and found to have TB or Tburculosis. She has had her cough ever since she was found on the streets. Therefore she has probably had the TB for a while now. She is now on medicine to cure her of it, but is still a sick little girl. Last week they had a birthday party for several of the girls in the home. After Girlie had been sick for a couple weeks she wanted to EAT!!! Well eat she did; she ate so much that it all came right back up. Please pray for Girlie that God will completely heal her of the TB, and that she will be back to her sweet little self. Thank your for lifting these two up with us, to our Heavenly Father who loves them so much more then we ever could!

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