Thursday, August 03, 2006

Sewing Seeds by Word & Deed

Sewing Livelihood...
Sto. Thomas livelihood project
Recently an anonymous donor blessed MTW Philippines with 30 new Singer sewing machines. The team prayed for a long time for God to provide an opportunity to use the sewing machines for His glory. He has answered prayers! Recently the MTW's pastor's wives have begun a new livelihood project. The churches are using the sewing machines as an outreach to the members and into the surrounding communities. God is answering prayer and spreading His kingdom here through the gift of sewing machines.

30 New Singer sewing machines
The MTW pastor's wives have taken initiative, and started sewing livelihood projects. Holiness in Jesus, in San Pedro sews rags (pot holder type), table runners, placemats, purses, etc.. In particular they will manufacture the rags in bulk and supply companies with the product. Another church in Sto. Thomas sews clothes, purses, uniforms, etc... They are in the process of entering their garments into a local department store. Many other churches are benefiting from this wonderful gift. Not only are they able to provide income for struggling members, but this livelihood is drawing in the community! A few churches have Mormons, Catholics, Iglesia Ni Cristo, and unbelievers working in their outreaches. In return for the service the workers are asked to attend the local MTW church service every week. This has produced amazing fruit! This gracious gift of 30 sewing machines is providing income, creating community, and spreading the gospel through church affiliation.
God is good! He provides for all of our needs and more! We could have never imagined a more effective way of reaching the community for Christ, while providing livelihood for Filipinos.
This is the TRUE essence of Word and Deed ministry!
Praise God!
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