Thursday, August 03, 2006

10 Person Wedding!

5 marriage couples with sponsors
MTW church plants growing in numbers! This summer Holiness in Jesus Chritian Church in San Pedro, Laguna held a mass wedding. The church has held an ongoing outreach and feeding program that reaches a nearby squatter village. Every saturday afternoon Asst. Pastor Christopher Sablay and members hold a feeding program for the children of the Camichile village. Over 100 chilren regularly attend, while their mothers are taught through a Bible study. The children gather, listen, sing, hear God's word, and then are fed. The families of this squatter village are extrememly poor.
special musical number by CMPC girls
One day 10 couples from this village approached the pastor with a desire to be married legally, the way God desires. The couples were so poor that they could not even afford the fee to be wed at the Judicial Courthouse. In an effort to show the love of God and encourage families to live by God's law the church began to make preparations for a mass wedding.

yoking together w/ veil & cord tradition
Veils, cords, a few small roses, and tiny decorations were bought. Food was prepared and members, missionaries, and the community was invited. The couples arrived in their best wedding attire: some with beautful gowns, some with borrowed dresses that were too small, and some with nothing but a nice white shirt and skirt. Church memebers, missionaries, and even short term teams were involved in the ceremony. The couples proceeded down the aisle; some with heads held high, some hung in shame. These couples came from differing backgrounds. Several had been living together for a long time and felt the conviction of the Lord to be married. Some have families, children, and lives already begun together. All were brought into the covenant of marriage under God that day.

in sickness & in health...
It was a day of celebration and answered prayers. God's church is truly growing by His grace. God is moving in the hearts of men, women, and families. These churches are reaching out in faith serving God. What a blessing to the host church; The fruits of their labor for the kingdom of God is becoming evident.
God is good!
He will draw people from every nation, tribe, and tongue unto Himself!
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