Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Cutest Lil' Graduates

Marlon and Bong were all smiles the day they graduated and moved up one grade. They were so excited during all the festivities, that were held at the local SM Mall in Molino. They looked just adorable in the little white caps & gowns. We could in no way coax those empty diploma folders out of their hands. They were proud of their accomplishments, and of course we were all beaming as proud representative parents!

Deborah was able to be Marlon's representing mother. As of now both his parents were not able to be involved in the ceremonies. He was very excited and happy that Ate Deborah was able to walk with him down the aisle and share in his graduation. His face lit up that he had a 'mother' there with him that was proud of him, and excited in the accomplishments that he had done!

After the ceremony cafe lunches were provided for the children. We were also able to treat them to ride on some mobile animals, and after that treated them to ice cream. They wasted no time in devouring the ice cream cones and letting the other children at ABP3 know of the treat that they got for graduating.

A week later Apol and Richard graduated from the Little Angels Learning Center. They will move on from there to attend the private Christian school that Marlon & Bong are students of. They were thrilled as well to have Ate Deborah to be involved in their graduation. She was able to be the representing 'mother' for Apol, walking with him, pinning on his ribbons, making him feel speical, and giving him the love and encouragement that a wonderful mother would. She as well as all of us were blessed by these cute little graduates and the hard work they had put into their school work. Please continue to pray for them, as MTW continues to support them through their schooling, in order to better their chances and hopes for the future. Pray not only that they will have the determination in their hearts to excel in school, but also to excel in learning about the knowledge of the Lord God our Savior. Pray that God would impress on their hearts the knowledge of the Lord and His love for them. Please continue to pray with us for these little angels...

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