Saturday, December 05, 2009

Thanksgiving Gingerbread Houses

We had a glorious time with the family on Thanksgiving.  Last year we made 1 gingerbread house and we used a kit.  The kids had such a good time that this time Steven and I made the gingerbread so more people could make houses.  And all the kids enjoyed it this year!! The above picture is Chad and Kelly's retirement cottage.  Kelly helped build the structure and Chad decorated it.  Notice those nifty bushes in the front.  Their house won best decorated and it would definitely be a great cottage to live in - one day

This is Wyatt's home and he did it all by himself! Well, he had a bit of help with the icing but otherwise he decorated it just like he wanted, he didn't want any help thank you.  It's really cute and his decorations so go with his personality.  Wyatt did a GREAT job!

This is Raney's house and it is too cute also.  Raney had a bit of help with hers because she was struggling to decorate her house because she was too busy eating all the candy!!  That girl loves her some sugar!
And the last house won Most Original.  Steven decorated it and well check it out:

This side is a duck blind with green (of course) decoys and 4 tree stumps.

And the other side is a deer blind.  So he can hunt duck or deer.  Man he would LOVE to have a cabin like that and especially some land to put it on!

Oh and one last thing, check out Chad's satellite antenna on the front of his roof.  He needed that cause we all know that some hunting show is going to film Dad in his new blind!

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Laurie M. said...

Those are fantastic and hilarious! Thanks for sharing.