Sunday, March 07, 2010

Downtown Guadalajara

Check out the rainbow that Steven caught in this fountain. 
This afternoon we went downtown with some of our classmates. This city is over 400 years old so it has lots of neat history! Below are some of our classmates. Xavier is on the left and he is from France. Carlos is next in the maroon jacket and he is from Korea. Then there's Winnie and she is from China.  Xavier's finance went with us and she is from Guadalajara so that was especially fun to hear some of the history. 
I love cathedrals and there are many downtown. They are absolutely beautiful!
And it wouldn't be Mexico without some Mexican cowboys.

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LiNz said...

Wow, those cathedrals are beautiful! And maybe I got my photography skilz from Dad! Cool rainbow in the fountain! ;) Yall are just too cute! I'm glad yall had fun! Miss you! <3