Thursday, May 29, 2008

Beach Bliss Blessing

Praise the Lord for providing the perfect place and the time for Lindsey and I to vacation at the beach while Steven was in Manila. We were so blessed with beautiful weather, not too hot and only two rain showers the entire time. Both of us realized that it had been three long years since we had taken a vacation so we soaked in each moment of it...

We both love everything about the beach especially how relaxing it is for us. We had the best time of reading, walking, enjoying God's creation and just being in the sand and sun. It is so easy to be in awe of God and His creative power there... as we sat and watched Him hold the boundaries of the crashing waves in their place; as we felt our feet in the sand knowing that Abraham's descendents out number the sands on the shores; as we watched the waves toss and thrash knowing He is the only one that can calm them with a word... Our God truly is an Awesome God! He gave us a delightfully refreshing and grand time together that we will long remember and praise Him for!

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