Friday, October 10, 2008

All I Need Is Him

I am such a lover of peace. When the waters get unsteady, I doubt and fear and I do both quickly. So, the buzzwords in my head lately have been surrender, trust and "all I need is Jesus". My heart so easily takes on the concerns of the world like the economy and the election. Then there are concerns for our children, grandchildren and their future and desires for better family relationships in many areas. And then there is always our own future and the when in this area. I find myself praying often lately like the father of the boy who had seizures in Mark 9:24, "help my unbelief". While I would love for a consistently peaceful life I know that is a far off dream of mine. I know that we are called to suffer as Christ suffered for me and I know that it's in these uncertain times where I have no answers that God is growing me and teaching me a deeper trust and dependence in Him.I love the song "Somewhere in the Middle" from Casting Crown's Album, the Altar and the Door. "how close can I get Lord to my surrender without loosing all control", "will I trade my dreams for His or am I caught in the middle", "somewhere between my faith and my plans", "somewhere between peace and always wanting more", "somewhere in the middle you'll find me".  While my heart sags at the true realization that this most often describes me, more and more God is showing me that all I truly need is Christ. "God help my unbelief"!

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Lynn Cross said...

I have been reading Revelation, and how applicable it is. To roll back the scroll of fog that unveils the spiritual world behind the scenes of the present tense happenings and to glimpse God's glory! How encouraging it is to know that He is in control. I have taken the supernatural completely for granted in the affairs of men. Thanks for always reminding me that truly He is all we need. I love you. Lynn