Friday, October 24, 2008

Great Commission Praying

   I love to pray and have often wondered if I have the gift of prayer because I frequently feel burdened to pray. However, recently I was convicted that my prayers aren't Great Commission based. It was a quote that I heard from John Piper that got me to thinking.  Piper was asking the question, "Why doesn't prayer work for the North American church any longer?" His response and his thoughts were, "Because we are not using war time walkie talkies calling Jesus Christ but instead we are ringing our bell for Jesus to bring what we need."
   Ugh, my breathe was knocked right out of my chest as I was so convicted of how much I pray for my descendants, daily living situations, which are both good, but that my prayers for souls are in the minority.  I realized my need to ask Christ to reach down and bring many to Himself and even more boldly to ask if He would be gracious enough to do so through me.
   John 14: 12-14 says, "believe in Jesus Christ"  our risen living Savior and "ask in His name".

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Lindsey said...

Ugh! Momma! Talk about gettin ya right in the kisser! :) You definitely have the gift of intercessory prayer. I know this because I have benefited much from it over the years! I firmly believe that your prayers have beckoned God to bring me through many a trying times, and also to salvation in Him. :) I love you and I love your heart! Thank you for sharing what you are learning with me. I continue to learn so much from you! Love you, Mwuah!