Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Blessed Beyond Measure

As Christmas rapidly approaches and we seek to focus on "the real meaning" of Christmas we continue to be filled with awe and praise for the most incredible gift ever given in Jesus Christ! We find ourselves overwhelmed with the many areas of life that this baby who was born in the manger affects.  Isn't it something that it's not just salvation that comes through Jesus Christ which of course is "could we say the icing on the cake", but there is much more wrapped up in this tiny bundle.  It's eternal life and reign with Christ when He returns.  It's His subduing our lives and as we yield them more and more to His will, what overwhelming peace He gives in return!  And then how about that adoption through Jesus Christ. Of course there is the love of Christ as well. Our Pastor remarked last Sunday that "there is no one that loves us more, no one that cares for us more, no one that wants our good more than Christ, and no one that can do in our lives what Jesus Christ can do. Amazing!!!  And I could go on and on but I was also reminded that there is the example that Christ leaves for us in Philippians 2:5-11, Christ's voluntary, willing, emptying His divine nature to take on human flesh.  And the most convicting is that we are to have this same mind and attitude of Christ.  I loved the way that our Pastor said it, "What Jesus Christ did cost Him EVERYTHING and we are to mirror that"!  What amazing gifts in a tiny bundle!

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