Thursday, December 04, 2008

Christmas Priorties

This holiday season more and more I find my heart full of praise for "God first loving me".  As I struggle with hearing the suffering of friends (friends who have cancer, friends whose children are is difficult situations), I realize that God really is all I need.  And yet, why did He choose to love me a wretched sinner with a terribly dirty heart, and one that fights a constant battle of SELF rule.  I only know that I am not worthy of His love but am ever so thankful for it this holiday season.

As my best friend (she's more like my sister) and I were talking  we were both commenting on how this Christmas is much different for both of us.  Her husband is leaving right after Christmas going to Afghanistan for one year.  This will be his second tour of duty protecting our country, his first term of service was a year in Iraq.  
We were both discussing how Christmas decorations just aren't important and gifts are not a high priority either.  Our focus this Christmas is quality time with family and friends amidst the pressure of getting things in order.   And this Christmas we are especially looking forward to celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ who came willingly to this earth to suffer and die to pay the penalty of our sins.  It's this same Christ who gives us peace during transition and abundant grace for each day, no matter what comes our way!  What an amazing Savior who is indeed worthy of all of our lives, our honor, glory and praise!

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Sondie said...

good reminder...most of us don't need anymore "stuff"...we do need one another though with Jesus at the center.