Sunday, February 08, 2009

Pictures of the Philippines

Typical squatter's homes.  The poor Filipino's find a piece of land and "squat" upon it.  It's actually a law here that after so many years of living on this piece of land that it becomes their land.

The market on the street where the majority of Filpinos shop.  Notice the cart in 2 on the pictures.  They just load their vegies (one has watermelons) into a cart and sell them right off of the street or at market

The Filpino church Iglesia N Cristo.  They are everywhere and are a combination of Catholic and Mormon doctrine.  Like the Mormon's they take a percent of the congregations wages (and are quiet strict about it) so they are able to build these huge churches.  The saddest part is that they believe when Jesus comes back that they have to be inside the church and that they will go up to Heaven in the rocket like spirals on top.
The backside of a pedicycle.  These guys make only 10 cents per ride. You find them mostly to carry people into the smaller more rural villages.
The traditional tricycle which are the hub of transportation into villages within the city.

The rice fields which always interest me.  It's planting time now and soon they will be bright green. Notice the "mud" plow in the first picture.  These guys work long hours in these field with no shoes on their feet.

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Laurie M. said...

Great pictures and helpful insights into that culture. Such hard lives people live - and how sad it is that these religions come in and only make everything even more burndensome. I pray you can bring them the love and forgiveness and freedom that is in Christ. God knows I need Him, and my life isn't nearly so difficult.

(What do they think happens, by the way, when Christ returns if they can't all fit in the building, or if they're caught in traffic and can't get there in time? I'd be afraid to leave the church at all.)