Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Unfailing Love

I wish I would live with You in view;
Eyes to Your glory
Ears for Your wisdom
Heart for Your grace.
But I live with me in view.
Eyes to my kingdom
Ears for my opinion
Heart captured by my will.
I know I was made for You,
I know that Hope
My agenda for every day,
Is to be found in You.
But I want my own kingdom
I love my own glory
I define my own meaning
I delight in my control.
I know You are not fooled
by my burnt offerings.
There's a war that never ends;
The battleground is my heart.
It's a moral skirmish
Between what You have ordained
And what I want.
So I don't find pleasure in Your glory,
I don't delight in Your law.
But my heart doesn't rest;
I know there's a better way.
I know You are God 
And I am not.
My sin is more than
Bad behavior
A bad choice
Wrong words.
My sin is a violation of the relationship
That I was meant to have with You.
My sin is an act
Where I replace You
With something I love more.
Every wrong thing I do
A love of self.
Help me
To see 
To acknowledge
To weep
And say,
"Against You, You only have I sinned
And done what is evil in Your sight."
And then help me to rest
In your mercy
In your tender mercy
In your faithful love,
Even as the war goes on.
by Paul David Tripp

God didn't give me the gift of words but I am thankful for others that can pen words to the desires of my heart!  This Thanksgiving season I am thankful for a God that first loved me and for God who holds on to me in spite of my rebellion!

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Lynn Cross said...

I eat up Paul Tripp! The pictures are delightful! Much Love, Lynn