Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Christian School & Dental Ministry in Guadalajara

The church where about 70 people worship
This morning was delightful!! We visited am MTW ministry about 30 minutes from our home. While it's a small place in a small town, God is at work!! They have a dental ministry, a Christian school with 67 children from age 3 to 5th grade and a church. The parents pay only $1.50 per week for their child to attend this school. A team was visiting from New Jersey helping to prepare the school for opening day on August 31. Our hearts were tugged upon as we long to be done with language and involved in ministry again!!!!!! It was encouraging to see how God is at work and also to be reminded of the end goal - Ministry - AFTER LANGUAGE!
Dental office

A classroom that the team just painted

Playground with church building in the background

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The Gundy Bunch said...

This is so exciting!! We are REALLY feeling called to take family mission trips every year, and hopefully we would have the opportunity to serve in areas such as these. Keep up the faithful work!