Tuesday, August 31, 2010


“For years I hid the inadequacy I felt as a counselor behind a professional demeanor, technical jargon, and sound psychological methods of treatment.  Recently I’ve made a truly liberating discovery.  I am inadequate.  My sense of inadequacy is not the effect of deficient intellect or poor training, nor is it a symptom of emotional disorder.  It is the painful admission of what is true.  On my own, I can make nothing of importance happen.  I can help no one.  But if I abide in Christ, if I present myself before God’s Spirit for searching and filling, if I study and ponder the Scriptures and live my life in brokenness before a grace-dispensing community, I can transcend my inadequacy, I can find myself as I worship.  I can struggle on behalf of others with the energy of Christ powerfully working in me.”   Larry Crabb "Shattered Dreams"

Much truth to ponder! What amazing grace to show us these truths!!

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Laurie M. said...

Wonderful words - humble and true. I'm thinking of embarking on a new ministry and keep thinking "I'm not adequate for that. How can I disciple others when I need someone to disciple ME!?" I actually said that to Paul on the way home from church less than 3 hours ago.