Monday, September 06, 2010

1st Week of September, A Week to Remember

This week was one to remember! We started September out with a bang!
The sidewalks here aren't quite like the sidewalks in our country. They are all raised and quite rough. I do watch where I am going BUT on Tuesday I tripped while walking and fell head long into a wall. That wall stopped me cold, result, a concussion and headache for 4 hours. Praise the Lord that it didn't knock me out or cut my head. Seriously I have been thankful all week for a hard head!
Wednesday, Steven shut the door with a key in the lock on the inside. He did try it first with the door open but once it was closed, his key wouldn't fit into the lock from the outside because there was a key on the inside. We had to get a locksmith but thankfully his visit only cost us $7.00.
Checked on our visas for what seems like the 1,000th time, still no visas. Please do pray that they come in soon. All of the paperwork is at immigration and the WORD is it should be any day.
Sunday morning up in time for the early service at 9:30. BUT, Avenue de Mexico was blocked due to joggers. So, let's go to the University to get to church that way. Patria was blocked due to joggers. On the way back, our windows were down cause it was a gorgeous 70 degrees, and a man said something to us in Spanish and looks at the rear of our car. A stop at a service station reveals that we have a nail in one of our new tires. So, we ventured to follow the ladies directions to a place that could fix it and Praise the Lord as we were wandering around about to leave, God pointed us straight to the place. Steven said the man didn't have "plug" but fixed it the old way with a patch, for only, $6.40.
We returned home and listened to a great sermon by Mike Campbell through the Internet. Wonder what next week will hold? Not matter what, we are thankful for God's, Presence, Protection, Provisions and Direction!!


Laurie M. said...

So glad you're okay! That sounds like just the dumb kind of thing I would do. I'm forever bumping my head on something.

Dabney 11 said...

I'm thankful you're ok. What a week!!! Love you and miss you.

LiNz said...

Maybe next week will be a lil more eventless! ;) Sure do love you Momma & Diddy <3