Friday, February 29, 2008

Blow Out Blessing!?!

We were driving from Boca Raton, Florida up the coast to Saint Augustine, our next stop on the map. Steven was driving his usual 75 mph when we felt a bumping commotion on the right front side of the car. All at once the right front tire separated and a "rubber alligator" (what we call rubber tire tread lying on the road) came flying out from our car! We were in shock and yet praising the Lord that Steven was able to steer the bumping, jumping and jostling car over to the shoulder of the road.

Just a few miles earlier we had discussed being hungry, but had passed the last available exit because it didn't have very many restaurants. The Lord sovereignly knew that we needed to get off at this particular exit that we now sat close to. As Steven inspected the damage we were amazed that the tire still had air in it, it was simply missing the tread. We were able to limp off, on the steel belt only, to the next exit where we found (can you believe it) a Wal-Mart on the left within five minutes from the interstate with a car service station!!! Isn't God good!!!!

Also, today just happened to be one of the few days in three weeks that we were not rushed to get to our next stop. We were singing, as our grandson Wyatt does at the top of his little lungs: "PRAISE THE LORD, PRAISE THE LORD"!!!!!


Bess Malin said...

Wow! That same thing happened to us. What a blessing that WalMart was close by! God is amazing!

Marian said...

I'm so thankful for how God is answering prayers for your safety & protection even with a blowout. We love you!