Saturday, February 16, 2008

Mission Conference Ideas

At your Mission Conference Kick Off Dinner serve local cuisine, i.e. Texas barbeque.

At one Church we met the Officers, their wives and families for dessert. It was a sweet time of fellowship and we were able to inquire how we could pray and partner with this Church and their Officers.

One Church distributed Prayer Guides. It contained a message from the Pastor, the Church's Vision, a page on Faith Promises a page on each of their missionaries, which included a picture, prayer requests and contact information. It also has the Conference Schedule, 2008 Missions Budget and a place for notes. It was kinda neat to see my (Deborahs) picture on the front with some boys from ABP3.

The host family had dinner at their home and invited 6 couples and allowed us to share what God is doing in the Philippines.

When we arrived at one host family's home their was a precious basket with goodies for Valentines Day. What a treat!

At one Church the female missionaries were able to join an already established Thursday morning Bible study and share information about their ministries. It was another sweet time of fellowship and prayer.

And I am sure many of you have ladies luncheons but one Church had Mother/Daughter Ladies brunch. I have never thought of that.

And one Church included as their guest the RUF campus Ministers from Mississippi State. Don't forget those who are making a viable contribution to our covenant kids.

We will Post more as we travel and feel free to email us with questions at (a new email address for him).

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