Wednesday, February 27, 2008

On The Back Home Stretch

We are almost at the end of our long leg of itenerating and feel very blessed. We are thrilled to have met many new brothers and sisters in Christ along the way. We have felt very loved on and have been encouraged much. As always, not only has God taken care of us but blessed us with "sugar plums".... delightful new friends. The weather in Florida is very warm; Spring has defnitely arrived. Our borrowed car has done well with no problems. Please do PRAISE the Lord with us for His ever abundant, sustaining grace.

More Mission Conference Ideas:

We enjoyed meeting the Global Outreach Team (GO Team) and having dinner with them upon arrival.

Have you ever considered dinner around the world? Nine booths with international food which of course included hot dogs. Life groups took responsibility for one booth. Tickets were purchased in advance and at the door. Tickets had to be purchased to get food (like the fair and giving tickets for a ride). Each missionary spoke briefly. It was a really fun event.

We had a sweet time of meeting with the Pastor who was the main speaker. His devotion was a great encouragement. Afterwards the was a huge selection of used Christian books for us to take home. Many of us don't have access to Christian books while on the field.

I felt like a Princess at the Women's Luncheon which honored all the women missionaries. It was held at a country club and tickets were sold for this event as well. It was so pretty and my eyes feasted upon the beauty of it all. Corsages were bought for the missionary women which was a real treat. The host of each missionary interviewed her, and then we received a beautiful Vera Bradley purse which contained note cards, pens, bubble bath, perfume, eye shadow and brushes....and more. We all felt so doted upon, as queens for the day.

Steven went one morning to swim with the Manatees after a men's breakfast. The guest speaker shared at the breakfast and tickets were sold to this event as well. It was Steven's birthday, so what a special day for him. He loved it!

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