Saturday, September 20, 2008

God's Grace Even in Loss

Each day this week the number of hummingbirds at the feeders are less and less. I often think about how far they fly and how are they able to do it and am quickly enamored by God's sustaining grace!
And yet the other day as I went outside to get a box, there laying on my little back porch was a precious little hummingbird. His beak was down in between the wooden slats and his breathing was labored. Steven picked him up and set his whole body on one of the boards but it wasn't long until he died.
How could I be sad when God had supplied such an amazing spectacle of hummingbirds birds for me the past few weeks? And yet, I was sad because this tiny little bird didn't make it. I picked him up and stroked his small body and unfortunately his neck was pretty wiggly (as if broken) and yet we didn't hear him run into the glass. He was incredibly beautiful and so small and my heart welled up with praise to our Creator God.
I was reminded how short life really is and yet, how many opportunities that we have to encourage others just as this tiny bird and his friends have so encouraged me.

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Lynn Cross said...

I also have been amazed at the hummers that have literally swarmed at my feeders in the last few weeks. I would have been very say as well to see that little one die. we have had many run into the glass doors, but somehow they just bounce off. I will be sad to see them leave. Love, Lynn