Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ordination Pics

Wyatt munching on some cheese puffs at the ordination.

Raney being spoiled by everyone there! How many cookies did she really have?! :)

Chad's friend, Rev. Christopher Thomas, who came from Texas to be a part of Chad's ordination.

Another of Chad's friends, Rev. Elbert McGowan, RUF Minister @ Jackson State and Redeemer, PCA Hall of Famer.

A proud Granna with her two precious grandbabies!

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Dabney 11 said...

I know that was a special day indeed! We are so proud of Chad and thankful to the Lord for the good work that He began and is carrying it onto completion. Thanks for opening your heart. I'm so thankful the Lord made a way for you two to be present at his ordination. Very, very special.
Marian :)