Monday, November 03, 2008

Another Sugar Plum from God

(Raney on the left and Lindsey on the right)
     What a day, I will long remember!  God did it again, just dropped a huge "sugar plum" right in our laps.  For those of you who don't know me I love to work in the yard.  There is something about crumbing dirt in my hands that is good therapy.  Saturday Steven and I got up early with much excitement.  Lindsey had a free day and we headed to her house to plant some pansies, make a new flower bed and dig a fire pit.  It was a glorious day, sunny about 74 degrees.  We had the best time working in her yard!  We cleaned out her beds and planted pansies.  Then strong armed Steven helped us to dig a new bed in the back with "swoop de swoops".  Our daughter Lindsey is an artist (water color and photography) and so she designed a beautiful curved edge flower bed!  And then the fire pit.  Steven did an amazing job digging down into that hard earth to make her a fire pit!  I'll have to post you a picture when I can get one, it's sweet!  And last night we had a bonfire!  Oh it was a delightful time being with our family and friends.  We roasted hot dogs and deer sausage - yum.  We had a blessed time eating and visiting.  Wyatt and Raney loved the marshmallows, "Granna, I don't like mine cooked" Wyatt said.  It just could not have been a better time together.  And then came the surprise.  God allowed me to hold Raney sitting by the fire as she fell asleep and then Wyatt fell asleep in Steven's lap.  What a blessing to snuggle them up and love on them.  My heart continues to be filled with Praise for a God who cares about even the smallest of details in our lives!  We were blessed beyond measure with some priceless family time!


Lynn Cross said...

I can't wait till grandchildren. I think I am jealous. Love, Lynn

The Gundy Bunch said...

Hey sweet friend! This is too precious! I'm so glad that you've been able to enjoy your family! Can't wait to follow y'all's journeys more! Love y'all!