Thursday, November 13, 2008

Focus War

     Have you ever thought about Esau and how shortsighted he was when he sold his birthright to Jacob in Genesis 25?  He didn't appear to put much thought into what he was doing (of course he obviously didn't hold dear God's promises) but nonetheless he sold his birthright for some stew.  Esau sold the right to be the principal heir of the family's fortunes, and also the covenant family blessing of his father Abraham which included blessings of offspring and land all for some stew.
     Oh how my heart is so often like Esau's heart.  I too am often focused on the here and now, the things of this earth (what I am hungry for or want right now) and not eternal things.  There is a consistent focus war that goes on in my life day to day.  My heart is often drawn to my Children and Grandchildren and the desire to be closer to them than 10,000 miles, which is just as shortsighted as Esau's focus on his hunger. And then there is the call of God to go and give my heart to many who don't even know their parents or grandparents.  And not to just give them my heart but the privilege of sharing the Lord Jesus Christ with them.
     It's only by God's grace that moment by moment the focus war is won.  God ever so gently takes my chin and lifts it above the things of this earth, the comforts of home and my own longings.  He reminds me that He holds it all in His righteous right hand. He only asks me to surrender, to lay it all at His feet and to walk, day by day, moment by moment and He will supply all the grace that I need each step of the way as I get there and need His grace.  It's a daily surrender of my will and my life to him.  I am so thankful that only by His grace, love and sovereign hand, that I am not Esau left holding only a bowl of stew, only a life lived for the comforts of this earth and not eternity.


Lindsey said...

Wow! Mom! And you wonder who I got my gift of writing from! I needed to hear that today. Keep em coming! I love you tons! you Linz

Ken Cross said...

Very Well said!