Monday, November 03, 2008

Sugar Plums from the Lord

     God always amazes me with His "sugar plums", gifts that He sends right from Him to my heart.  Recently not only have I been mindful of our impending departure to the Philippines but I can feel God's presence reminding me that He knows as well of our departure.
     Last week was one of those times.  Our Grandson Wyatt who will be 3 years old on December 19, came over to visit with me.  I love having him one on one (he has a baby sister who is 17 months old) because when I am able to do this he knows he has Granna's undivided attention.  As we walked and talked back from the slide, I suggested that we make some chocolate chip cookies.  He loves to help me in the kitchen with dishes or whatever.  If I go to the kitchen here he comes dragging a chair to help me.  Well, he loved that idea but asked me if chocolate chips were good.  He has a wonderful Mother who doesn't let him have many sweets and last time we made oatmeal cookies he decided that flour wasn't too yummy.  I told him they were really good just like those special cookies (M&M's) that he eats on occasion at Granna's house.  He got really excited and we came in to make cookies.  He was able to run the mixer all by himself this time and we measured and poured and had such a good time.  Right in the middle of our measuring and stirring (he loves to stir) he said, "Granna I love spending time with you" ugh my heart melted.  God, thank You for Your grace that will make it possible for me to leave this precious fellow who has captured my heart.  And then when I poured the chocolate chips into the mixture his little hand was quick to reach some to try them.  He proudly told me last night that Wyatt, Raney, Mommy and Daddy liked chocolate chip cookies better than oatmeal.  When asked what about LaLa (Lindsey) who likes oatmeal cookies, he replied "But Wyatt likes chocolate chip cookies better".  My heart just praise God for special times such as there which I know come right from His hand to my heart!


Lindsey said...

That boy is such a mess! He sure does love his Granna! He is a blessing and I am so thankful that yall are so close to them so you can have that one on one time! That is straight from the LORD! Love you

Summer said...

AWWWW!!! I am so glad that you are getting these special times with Wyatt. You two are so cute together! It melts my heart too.