Friday, April 10, 2009

Pastor Larry and His Family

On the way to Larry's home we passed a parade.  Right above the man's head is the saint that they are carrying.  There were a whole line of them in the parade.
One of my favorite places in Philippines.  It's a beautiful deep river.  They are working on the bridge so I had to take it from the car window.  
Pastor Larry has 8 children.  His wife's older brother died this morning and so Emily and the 2 oldest girls have gone to the province for the funeral.  We took some things that needed a home from the guest house, towels, sheets and toys.  It was like Christmas come early for the kids. We were blessed to watch their faces.  These kids are some of our favorites.  We've watched them grow up and will miss them alot.

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Tonggu Grammy said...

Glad you could experience this joyous reunion before you left. Doubly glad that you could leave items from the guest house for them to enjoy.