Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Precious Grandson Story

Last week we were talking to our Grandchildren via skype.  As you know we have 2 precious Grandchildren, Wyatt (3 years old) and Raney (22 months old) and another one due in November.  Anyway, we were talking to them about our coming home.  We asked Wyatt if he was going to come to the airport to pick us up.  He has an amazing imagination and preceded to come up with a solution.  He asked why doesn't that airplane just land in his driveway and we can get out at his house?  PaPaw tells him that his driveway isn't big enough for the airplane to land on. So Wyatt then said, "well my Daddy and I will go outside and dig our driveway bigger so that the airplane can land at our house." Aren't Grandchildren the best?  He loves my stories about geckos and always wants to hear the latest story.  What an unexpected blessing from the Lord to see our family again soon.  
Some have asked if we will continue to use this blogspo to post upon and our answer is yes even if God does indeed lead us to Mexico.  This blogspot has lots of history, it was begun in Manila by the 3 of the address, Lindsey, and is where full time missions began with us so we think it is indeed fitting that we continue with this blogspot, kinda a memory/dedication to the Philippines which will always have a special place in all of our hearts!  More than likely the next time we post it will be from the USA.  We are rapidly packing and sending "stuff" out the door as we leave next Friday.  Until then - 


Tonggu Grammy said...

God is giving you a rich time together with your grandkids. Enjoy! I'll keep watching for postings but please email when you know for sure where God is sending you. Talked to the Mission Committee last night. Hope you can visit with us and discuss the possibility of support.


LiNdSeY said...

HEHE, He's so stinkin cute! Can't wait to see their faces when they see yall! Love yall, Linz

Laurie M. said...

What a sweet story! Little boys are so darling....Sometimes I want to shake my eighteen year old son and ask him what he's done with my little boy!

It sounds like Mexico is solidifying for you. California's right next to Mexico, you may have noticed. We'll practically be neighbors (although I'm about 600 miles north of the border!) My daughter's boyfriend will be there this summer, but not for missions (alas...). He'll be working on some kind of movie. My daughter's all upset that he'll be gone.