Sunday, January 25, 2009

Philippine's Kitties and More

Well, I haven't been very successful in blogging this week!  I keep forgetting my camera if you can believe that when I go out.  Today we went to Pastor Eli's church  and man how I wished for my camera.  It was an incredible sermon and a great time of fellowship as well.
Finally Thursday of this week, I decided to pray about my need for internet and God answered it rather quickly!  We are "supposed" to have internet on Monday, so I am thrilled cause that will help me to stay in touch much easier.  Next week we have team planning and vision planning meetings Tuesday through Friday since our whole team is back!!  There was a team scheduled to come in 2008 when one of the hurricanes hit and they had to cancel.  The reservations had already been made at a resort and we couldn't get the money back.  So, we are going to use that prepaid reservation to do some team building, planning etc. Hopefully I won't forget my camera this time!.. But, I thought I would at least post a picture of the kitties out my back door.  They just opened their eyes yesterday and the Mother is so thin - like all other cats in the Philippines.  But a couple of them are really cute.  Thanks again for praying for us.


Tonggu Grammy said...

I'll ask our whole team to be in prayer for your team building and vision planning time. Enjoy!


Laurie M. said...

Oh, I love kitties! Our beautiful black cat used to look like those plain dark stripey looking ones. We kept him because he was the ugliest one. Now he's as beautiful as a panther.