Saturday, January 31, 2009

Siquijor Retreat

Well, I must confess as we were planning for this retreat, I felt rather guilty "retreating" so soon after our arrival.  However, I was amazed that God knew exactly what we needed and how much my soul needed refreshing.  Thank you Plains Presbyterian Church!!!
This the most beautiful place I have ever visited in the Philippines.  It is owned by an Australian and was absolutely breathtaking, especially the way he incorporated the natural beauty of this place.
We are so thankful to God for the opportunity to go and especially for the team bonding that He so graciously allowed.  There was much honest sharing of our hearts, repentance and forgiveness and we departed ready for ministry and our meetings with our International Director February 12-18, 2009. 
God is so gracious to guide our every step and our needs when we don't even realize them. We wanted to share a few photos for you to enjoy!

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