Sunday, January 18, 2009

Thank God for My Mr. "Fix It" Man

Saturday we finally got the house situated and cleaned, now we're ready!  Usually, I seldom use the oven because it makes the house much hotter, (Filpinos never use the oven, they cook on top of the stove with most dishes beginning with sauteed garlic and onion).  But since the real hot weather isn't here yet I decided to make some ranch chicken using the oven.  It's a delicious recipe which I will be glad to share with you using corn flake crumbs, parmesan cheese and dry ranch dressing (which I bring from the States).  I did not cook it much while we were in the States cause there are some things that we eat frequently here... cabbage and broccoli and more cabbage (Lindsey will laugh here).  But anyway, I got the chicken ready to put in the oven.  We have a stove, smaller than those in the States, but definitely adequate, which runs from a tank of Gasul (or propane).  Steven came to light the oven since we had not yet used it and it made some sputtering sounds and he commented that we may be about out of gas. Oh well, we put the chicken in the oven and I went on to make a Filipino salad which we really like, made out of cabbage and broccoli - hehe ( I will try to post this recipe, it's a good one - really). It wasn't long before I thought, "whew it smells like gas" and the flame was out.  
It's Saturday afternoon about 4:30 and Steven calls the number for Gasul delivery.  The man informs him that it will be Monday before he can deliver the tank and sweet Steven begins to plead with him so the man agrees to deliver it around 6 pm.  Steven thanks him profusely and ends the conversation with "please sir, could you deliver the gas asap". When he hung up we both started laughing because it's real doubtful that a Filpino knows what asap means at all.  And sure enough he didn't cause he still has not delivered that tank of gas, guess he really meant what he said about Monday.  
Well, my Mr. Fix It came to the rescue! He went outside to the dirty kitchen and found an old tank with a different regulator and he changed the tanks and regulators and we were cooking once again!  While dinner was a bit delayed, it was indeed delicious and I was once again reminded how blessed I am to be married to a man that can fix anything - even in a foreign country!!


LiNdSeY said...

Dad is the best!!!! I've missed him around here! Especially yesterday when a water fountain shot up out of my kitchen sink! haha! But all his training came in handy and I fixed it :) I love yall! Thanks momma for all the stories!

Laurie M. said...

I cook most things on the stove-top, too. Your recipes sound wonderful.

Tonggu Grammy said...

Glad you are getting settled in. Thanks so much for taking care of the mouse poop since I will reap the rewards of your hard work very soon! I'm guessing that Steven was motivated to repair the tank and regulator by a desire to taste your delicious cooking. Remind me before we arrive at the end of March if you need more of the dry ranch dressing. I'll be happy to bring some. I am praying for your adjustment to life without Lindsey. It is so hard not to have our beloved children around, especially when the distance is so great. Hang in there!