Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Simple Update

Well, this week has been pretty boring but necessary!  We have gotten situated and even found some things that we needed from when we were here last time. 
Praise the Lord that the grocery situation is under control so we are not going to starve! I must say that there are many things that I have no clue how to use them but God brought a dear friend that I could ask some questions and get me jump started.  The fruit here is amazingly delicious, the mangos are so sweet (Steven eats one every morning for breakfast) and I love the pomelos.  If you haven't had a pomelo, it's in the grapefruit family but sweeter.  I bought one this week and as I peeled it (it has the thickest skin imaginable) I got really sad cause you see Lindsey and I used to split a pomelo and so we ate them together, sigh.  It made me realize how much I miss her not being here with us.  But Steven came to the rescue and helped me to finish the pomelo!  The bananas are delicious as well, really sweet and taste nothing like the bananas in the States. While I can find some things here like cereal, the problem is the cost.  A half gallon of real milk like in the States is $5.00.  So, I resorted to the ultra radiated milk in the box but it does the trick.
We are staying in the guest house, which we use for teams right now.  I have spent a big hunk of time in the kitchen, because there was mouse poop in every drawer even inside the utensil holders along side the forks and spoons.  Now, I am so thankful that I can handle most things (last term I woke up to a mouse crawling up my body, thankfully on top of the sheet) (and then there are the roaches (monsters here) that have woke me up on my head) but mouse poop on my utensils is just a bit much.  So, I have soaked and cleaned all of the utensils and gotten the kitchen useable. 
We are thankful to the max that jet lag is over!  I am a pretty deep thinker and so I really struggle with jet lag but it seems to be gone and we are sleeping well.
The other night while I was cooking in the kitchen I heard several "mew" mew" outside the screen door.  As I took out the garbage I found 6 baby kitties in a box in our dirty kitchen. I haven't heard them crying much lately but this has surely been a joy sent from the Lord.  
We find our hearts so thankful that you have made it possible for us to be here.  We are thankful for our health, that even during all of the stress in the last few weeks and our travels, we are well.  We are also thankful for the sunny weather which helps in our transition and missing family and friends.  And we are thankful for our home which is beginning to feel like home.
Thank you for praying for us!  Please continue to pray that God will direct our every step! Tomorrow we are going to worship at Pastor Marcello's church in Santa Rosa for those of you who know him.  


Kyle said...

Steven and Deborah,

I so appreciate you all blogging about your journey. It allows us to know a bit better how to pray for you (and your family back here too!).
Please know it is being read.

I am glad I know about the mice when we were there. :-) I am assuming the place you are staying is the same place we stayed?

We love keeping in touch this way and are thankful you are updating. Enjoy that fruit!

Laurie M. said...

Not much as wonderful as kittens - especially where there's mice! Perhaps I'd enjoy fruit more if I could eat it in its country of origin.

I'm glad to hear you're settling in so well.

LiNdSeY said...

Awwwww MommA!!!!! :( Send me a pomelo! I'll eat half! We can skype and eat our halves at the same time! :) I hope yall had a great worship at HIJCC. Love on that lil Charis for me! I miss yall tons!

Rebekah said...

I can see you there in my mind! Praying for you! Ken