Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Reacquaintance with the Philippines

Thank you so much for those of you who prayed us here!  I must confess that the 27 hours of flying almost did me in this trip!  But as always God's grace was sufficient!  We arrived at 5:00 Sunday morning and were thrilled to get our feet on the ground.  Our luggage was the last off of the plane.  Steven was looking and I was praying, but praise the Lord it arrived safely. We are sorta situated at the guest house and life and ministry have already begun.
Thought I might share some thoughts upon our arrival.
-The Filipino people are so friendly and beautiful.
-Steven is loving his fresh mango for breakfast and bananas like you have never tasted!
-That $5.00 box of cereal is way too much money!
-The bougainvillea are just beginning to bloom and are my favorites! I missed them.
-Lindsey would you please remind me what we used to cook here??  We really may starve to death!
-I found strawberries today, that was an unexpected treat!
-Where's that bathtub??? (There are only showers in the Philippines) And no power supply in my bathroom, how am I going to dry my hair?
-January and February are the best months of weather all year.  Thank you Lord for breaking us in easy!
-Race car driver Steven is loving the traffic challenges!  It's everyone fend for yourself!
-The ants have already found my kitchen oh well.
-This country has it's own distinct smell.
-The Filipino's have so little, life really is hard for many here and yet they are so happy. Seeing my first squatter village today broke my heart all over again.
-Sunshine, sunshine, I need sunshine to keep me awake during jet lag!
-Come on brain, find that Tagalog.
-Those billboards are as tall as a skyscraper.
-Cats everywhere and that one is eating my garbage.
-I know I used to buy Calamasi Soy sauce here and tuna in water.  What's the deal?
-That chicken adobo was delicious.
-Speed bumps, speed bumps still sneak up on us.
-What a minute that's not English, please do speak much slower. Common brain work.
-Steven got pinned in by 2 motorcycle cops (1 in front and 1 behind) the first day going to the office.  Guess he should have noticed that 1 way only change - oops.
-These people are still asking about Ate Lindsey! 


LiNdSeY said...

Love to hear your thoughts! Miss you tons! Love you!

Ken said...

We miss you too - but love hearing about the Philippines. Please tell everyone we said hello and that we are praying for all the pastors especially.

Lynn Cross said...

Oh how I wish I was there! Even though my experiences are limited, I can also smell the smell, and see the sights in my head. We are praying for you too. I miss you. Lynn

jan thomae said...

We rejoice with you! We're excited to think of you back there, but also feel bittersweet in knowing the cost for you of leaving your precious family behind. May God keep your heart encouraged!

Dabney 11 said...

Thanks for sharing. I love to read your posts. Love and miss you bunches!
Marian :)

Laurie M. said...

I'm excited and very interested to hear how things are going there. Thanks for sharing all those little details. May God be glorified in all your little moments!

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog being back in the Phillipines. It sounds so much like Thailand where our missionary son and d.i.l are ministering that I can smell and taste it. It sure helps me indentify with all you are doing.

blessings to you,
helen henry