Friday, July 04, 2008

Apartment Pics

The view from the apartment is amazing. With each new day we will look out the window and praise God for His amazing and awesome grace that has provided beyond what we could possibly have imagined!

Settling in was not hard with all the numerous blessings the Lord lavished on us! Who are we that we should deserve such gifts!?! Praise His Name, the Giver of good gifts!
The apartment is a small flat on Roosevelt Island. It is more than what we need! And we are so blessed! Praise His Wonderful Name!

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Bess Malin said...

WOW! What a view! It's a good thing Deb and Steven like to walk! I can't imagine if you didn't. And what a blessing that it isn't COLD!
Thank you for the "visual" of their world!

Love, Bess