Monday, July 07, 2008

Without A Trace

We were on the way to Central Park to meet the group for lunch on the 4th. We were navigating the subways well until we heard an announcement that our desired train was not running to Central Park, as the train schedule is different on holidays. So we regrouped to figure out another way to get there, trying to make it somewhat on time. We thought we had it figured out and jumped on the train. After looking at the stops, I realized that it didn’t stop at our point and I told Deborah that we needed to get off. I got off quickly and as soon as I got off the doors snapped closed behind me. The subway train had swallowed my wife and she was gone "without a trace". I had her cell phone, our money and even her Metro card. My heart was jumping and throbbing as I stood wondering what to do next. I needed to get my bride back and watch after her, that's what I needed to do! After much thought, I wondered if she would try to return, get off at the next stop, or even try to go on to Central Park. I hurriedly made the decision to catch the next train going to the next stop all the while hoping and praying that she was there waiting for me. God answered my prayers and it was an exciting site to see Deborah waiting for me. Another family had witnessed what happened and they saw Deborah before I did. I rejoiced in seeing her and gave her a big hug when we were reunited. Needless to say, we could not decide which train to take to continue our journey so we walked the balance of the way to meet our group. Running late due to confusion and mistakes I was feeling rotten that I had not done a better job. Upon arriving, there were several others that were running late which made me feel a little better. God continues to show me gently, in small ways that I am a sinner and far from perfection. He also reminds me that I need to quit beating myself up for being less than perfect because His Son has already lived the perfect life for me. God continues to chip away, break, mold, and make me more into His image as He and I travel this road of life together.


Marian said...

Yeah!!! I'm so glad I can leave comments now. Oh how I miss you. We've been praying for you and love reading the blog and your emails for updates. We love you!
Marian (for all the clan)

Marian said...

Oh, By the way, I'm glad you (Steve) got on the next train and went to the next stop. Good thinking in a stressful moment. Thank You Lord!
Marian :)