Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Family Clutch & Release

I am realizing one of the main reasons that God brought me to New York was to pry my hands from around my family. He showed me that I had previously dug my heels in, hoping that something would keep us closer to those precious babies. I have always seen myself as a big part of my grandkids' lives; as my own Grandparents lived in Iowa andTexas, which only seemed far away as I grew up in Tennessee. Funny, that was Steven's position before we went our first term to the Philippines. The Lord has heard just about all the excuses we could come up "well, we've got to do this and that before we can go".... God has ever so gently (I just adore how gentle He is with me) reminded me of how Jesus Christ left the comforts of Heaven and the fellowship of the Trinity to come to earth to save me from myself and my sins. God continues to show me that He really does have it all under control as Lindsey with Chad's help made decisions without us there. It's as if He is saying to me...."Deborah, look, see, I can handle Lindsey and her affairs even better than you; just rest in me, trust me and believe." Once again, I have found myself wondering why can't I easily trust and believe God? Why is it so hard for me to throw myself at His feet in total dependence and to leave my family there too? I praise Him for moving my feet closer to the GO line and for teaching me that His strength, grace and sovereign hand are more than sufficient in every area of my life.

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