Friday, July 11, 2008


My heart is over flowing with praises to You today. I deeply thank you for bringing me to New York City in spite of myself; my resistance, my grumbling and my complaining. Why is it so difficult at times for me to believe in Your sovereign plan? Lord I praise You for the new ideas that will help me with language; but also ideas that I can use with the interns. Lord, thank You for the fresh outlook on returning to the Philippines; and the desire to get deeper into the culture and language. Thank You God for not leaving us the way we were but for motivating us to go further up and further into the culture. Thank You God for strengthening my faith and increasing my belief in You, for Your sovereign plans and Your path for me which is ALWAYS perfect. Lord, I praise You for Your gentleness! Thank You for ever so gently moving me past my concerns about leaving my kids and the Grandkids. Lord, I praise you for how you are unfolding Your plans and provisions for Lindsey right before our very eyes (which have been far above and beyond anything I could ever ask or imagine). For allowing me to see before I leave how well You are taking care of her. Lord forgive my unbelief and doubt. Lord, Your mercy and grace astounds me! You have known that one of the things that holds me back in ministry are my feelings of inadequacy. Lord, all of these ideas and tools that You have provided for my tool kit have empowered me, excited me and indirectly will help as well with my feelings of inadequacy. Lord, thank You for seeing my heart felt needs and for working in every part of me and not leaving any area uncovered. Oh God, thank you for strengthening my faith and for teaching me more and more to rest deeply in You and to keep walking along the path You provide. And Lord, not to me O Lord, not to me, but to YOU be the glory because of Your love, faithfulness, mercy and grace!

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