Friday, July 04, 2008

1st Day in NYC

We made it on our first subway ride!!! Last night we read in a localpaper that the Roosevelt Island subway is the deepest in New YorkCity. That made me jump out of bed this morning with baited breatheready to run and ride the subway!! Seriously, it is a pleasant walk to the station and we got on the correct subway and then had about 1/2 mile walk to the church where the training is held.
Tomorrow we will go to the church where we are to minister which will be a much longer ride, about 1 hour. God is so good to us!!!
Many of you may know that I have been guilty of grumbling and complaining about this training in New York City. I simply didn't want to leave my family and friends. Just last week before we left for New York, the Lord convicted me ever so graciously. He reminded me that He is giving me a month in New York City with a place to live and there is no way that we could ever experience this on our own! And today, we sat in our first classroom meeting in awe of God's blessings. Many participants had to scrounge around for furniture for their studio apartments, dishes, etc. Our apartment is completely furnished with more than we could possibly need. Some didn't even have an air conditioner and we have two! And some couldn't get on internet and Steven connected us as soon as we arrived. Some have 6 month old babies and one family has 6 kids under the age of 6 years old! We felt so guilty and embarrassed to be blessed beyond what we could ever ask or imagine especially after all the grumbling and complaining we have done. Isn't that so like God. I am so glad that He doesn't repay me for my sins; but instead is often as gentle as a lamb. Oh how I need to be more like Christ, gentle with others when they sin against me and trusting God first instead of doubting and disbelieving.
We were reminded in our devotion this morning that God has put us here for the month of July. And we were challenged to embrace it. We were also challenged to put away our coping mechanisms and default modes and allow Christ to be our ultimate answer for all. Please pray that we will embrace this time of training, put away our coping mechanisms and that He will teach us about ourselves. Also pray that we would learn more that we are free because of Christ and especially free to celebrate our failures (such as grumbling and complaining). Thank you so much for loving us and praying for us.

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