Monday, July 07, 2008


Last night (Thursday) when we got home I realized that I am beginning to love the city! I love being able to explore. Thank you Lord for my love of adventure which You gave me. And the subways and buses are so efficient! It's so easy to get around! And I love walking everywhere; walking to get somewhere instead of walking for exercise.
New Yorkers are really closed for the most part. Most seem to have this don't talk to me face. But it was incredible meeting Tacy on the side entrance of Bloomingdales. She must have been 80 years plus. Even though her body was crippled (she was in a type of wheelchair) her mind was still good. She saw us looking at our map and reached out to us and offered to help us. She told us how to take Park Avenue to Grand Central Station - both amazing! But our spirits where drawn to her. She was from Tennessee (like us) and had that southern warmth. Her prayer request was to be able to stand herself; to be content in her frail body. She told us where she hangs out and so I look forward to finding and seeing her again. Steven prayed for her and she said "yes, the Lord takes care of me" but after we left I desired to make sure she knew The Savior. So, I am praying for another Tacy encounter. It was such a blessing; a "sugar plum" from the Lord!

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