Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tacy #3

After class this afternoon, we headed over to Manhattan to see if wecould find Tacy. And sure enough there she was sitting in the park. Her face and eyes lit up when she saw us. Tacy has lived in the same apartment for 47 years! Her air conditioner is not working well and the landlord wants her to replace it but it came with the apartment. She said they had been trying to get rid of her for quite some time. Please pray that they would put in a new air conditioner for her. We found out that Tacy only has 2 relatives living; cousins both inTennessee which she does not see. So, indeed she is all alone in NewYork City but she has 2 cats, Pumpkin and Precious, her 2 P's. She is such a lively elderly lady, and I found myself hoping that I could be that full of joy when I reach her age. She was sitting in the park because it was cooler than her apartment. She is a night owl and so she sits there until about 12:30 at night and is not afraid. I did ask her if she knew where she would go when she died and she quickly smiled and said of course I do. Tacy taught 4th grade Sunday School for many years at Central Presbyterian Church in NYC. She still reads her Bible but needs a cataract operation on both eyes. She said it is getting a bit fuzzy. I asked her if she needed anything and she told me that she had everything she needed and thanked us for loving her. She also knew and stated that we only had 10 days left. So, I asked her if she could eat sweets and she said yes, and told me she loves Whitman chocolates. So Steven and I will try to find Tacy some chocolate. And she loves the tram that comes over to Roosevelt Island where we live. I asked her if it had an elevator and she said it did. I then asked her if she would like to ride it and she said "YES, but it has to be dark cause I want to see the lights". So, we promised to take her for a ride on the Tram. Tacy warms my heart at each visit. She is so full of life and yet her body keeps her from living life as she once did. She laughs and jokes and is just a delight to visit with. When we climbed the steps to the Tram, I went to the edge to wave and blow her a kiss and she was right there watching for me with a huge smile. I left thinking of how much I will miss my Tacy visits but was reminded that I will see her in Heaven and we will be able to visit for longer periods of time! We have been the ones to be blessed by our Tacy encounters!


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Marian said...

I was out of town most of July so I'm just now catching up. I got to scroll through and read most of what I hadn't read so far. We love you two so very much and we are praying for you. Thanks for your openness, for sharing so freely your experiences. I loved reading all of it.
in Christ our joy,

Lynn Cross said...

Great story. I am so sad that I am just now discovering your blog. I am learning so much about the precious people you are going to minister to. I love you both. Lynn